January 9, 2014

Wake Up, Malaysia!

In the midst of utter confusion amongst comments raised by various groups regarding the recent JAIS action on the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) with the confiscation of over 300 Bibles in the Malay and Iban languages, Malaysians certainly need such a wakeup call on a better understanding of our laws of Malaysia. And no matter if we like it or not, the legal understanding of laws that applies to muslims and non-muslims in Malaysia must be accepted as fact of law. If there is contention on them being unfair or unconstitutional, only the Supreme Court can ultimately rule. This case, amongst a few others, are making Malaysians more aware of conflicts between Federal Laws, State Laws and Syariah.

Najib’s 10-Point Solution
The 10-point solution letter from PM Najib to Bishop Ng Moon Hing on 11 April 2011 is an Executive Order, if we can even use that word for the Malaysian Cabinet decision. It represented a Cabinet desire to defuse a sensitive situation in allowing the confiscated bibles to be retrieved by BSM but it does not represent an edict that can override the State Laws, Syariah or Federal Laws in the event it conflicts with them. Hence, to lean on the argument that what JAIS did was against the 10-point solution, so what?

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September 17, 2013

Fuel Price Up 20 sen: 33 sen more to go!

Last week, we saw petrol and diesel prices go up by 20 sen. PM Najib says it is nothing to be alarmed and should not rock the livelihood of Malaysians. Pro-BN NGOs parrot this. So did MCA and DPM Muhyiddin coming out to support the increase in fuel price by cutting subsidy thereby saving RM1.1B a year. All the reasons spelt out by Ministers show how little they know Malaysians and their economic plight.

When DAP Tony Pua suggested that Ministers and Deputy Ministers consider paying for their own petrol, Minister Nazri says that is pure nonsense. Not that DAP can change the policy but it was rhetorical to suggest that the Cabinet has no feel of the burden placed on Malaysians by this increase because they never had to pay for the petrol they use. Malaysians are paying for them.

Did someone say that price should only increase by a negligible amount? And did a Minister actually said it? Did the silence of the rest of the Ministers and Deputy Ministers mean they agree since it was approved by the Cabinet? Well, they should all be fired for not able to stand up for all of us poor Malaysians. Who voted them in the first place? Oh…those in rural areas who do not drive, who thinks that fuel and car prices mean nothing to them? Boy, how wrong they are.

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September 16, 2013

Malaysia: I Have A Dream!

We look at the world around us and we find intolerance, lack of freedom, inequality and strife in many places like Syria, Egypt, various countries in Africa and even Europe and US. The stronger nations get together to decide what is best for the weaker nations. This is wrong. No nation can impose their will on another sovereign nation. And no peoples can impose their will on weaker groups within a nation. Or is that really subscribed?

As a Malaysian, the 50th year of formation of the Federation of Malaysia is celebrated today as Malaysia Day for the 4th time as a nation. It is normally celebrated in Sabah and Sarawak only until 2010 when 16 September was accorded a public holiday status.

Setting aside all the grievances and disappointments seen in this beloved country, I can see Malaysia flourish in the coming years if my dreams come true.

I have a dream! I dream of the day when all Malaysians regardless of race and religion can walk hand-in-hand without any concerns, in true peace and harmony to lift up each other should one falls. Continue reading

September 15, 2013

Malaysia: What Happened To You?

This is a 2-part series starting with this posting.

Most Malaysians are still unaware that Malaysia Day is the commemoration of the formation of the Federation of Malaysia between the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah. Singapore was eventually expelled on 9 August 1965. Brunei who was invited to join the Federation rejected the overtures and remained independent. The rationale to create this Federation is to enable the smaller nations who are weak politically and economically to leverage the scale of being together. Hence, we have Malaysia formed on 16 September 1963. And remember that Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah were independent nations equal to the Federation of Malaya.

For the longest time, we called 31 August 1957 our Independence Day and it is not wrong except that it refers to the Federation of Malaya. Unfortunately, what is unspoken is that this date was celebrated as the National Day even for Sabah and Sarawak. All this while, Sabah and Sarawak have celebrated Malaysia Day on 16 September and Malaysians over at the Peninsula never realized this fact until it was declared a public holiday in 2010 after PM Najib took over from Pak Lah. Now, Malaysians get 2 public holidays instead of the usual 1 because of the arrogance and blunders of the BN Government all this while.

So, after 50 years, a man will be in his second half of his life’s journey. He will have grown up and matured into a wise middle aged man, able to lead, counsel, consult and manage his affairs. He will have grown in stature and repute in the discipline he has strived to accomplish.

Where does that leave us in Malaysia? Did we grow up? Alas, it is the contrary. Continue reading

September 15, 2013

Gerakan Has Completely Lost Its Plot

GEORGE TOWN: Gerakan acting president Chang Ko Youn labelled Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng as the infallible “tokong” or deity who does not do wrong despite abundance of evidence to prove his wrongdoing. In his keynote address at today at the opening of the state Gerakan annual delegates’ conference at its headquarters here today. (read here)

After the last nail has been knocked in by the results of the last GE13, Gerakan is probably a party much akin to “dead man walking”. The total rejection by Malaysian voters is definite. Their demise is sure. Judging from this report, Gerakan’s days are more than over.

Acting President Chang Ko Youn has nothing important nor valuable to say at the annual delegates’ conference. Unless the report only focus on his DAP bashing which then makes the journalist the one who is victimizing Gerakan, we can safely say that Chang has nothing to shore up voters support for Gerakan.

The way forward for Gerakan to avoid disappearance into oblivion is to build on the good they have done and are doing and will do for the voters. This points to what more they can do now that Koh Tsu Khoon’s rule is over and Gerakan is playing opposition in the Penang Parliament. This is an unfamiliar position because they have been in power since the beginning of time, so to speak. And bashing DAP will not get them back to glory days.

What else can Gerakan do besides bitching? They are part of BN and BN rules the federal government. Why is it that Gerakan cannot leverage the federal links to demonstrate that they too can do much in Penang and for Penang even as opposition? Unless they have failed to see this or they really have no clout to move Najib to support their cause. Continue reading

July 1, 2013

Gadgets and Devices to Watch For in 2013

2013 is surely a year where there are major product launches. And these new devices and gadgets are also milestone products and worthy of serious consideration if you are looking for an upgrade to your own stable.

For gamers, prepare for the fight of the year where Sony and Microsoft will be launching new flagship products in their Playstation 4 and Xbox One respectively this coming Christmas.

For gadgets and devices geeks and enthusiasts, you will be spoilt for choices like never before. Worthy of consideration is Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra which is pushing the phone/tablet or phablet to a beautiful 6.4-inch display packed with the best Sony can offer.

For notebooks or tablets (noteblets?) which will be in a hybrid design now, 2013 will bring you the best of both worlds from Samsung in their Ativ Q and Apple in a speculated MacBook Pro refresh.

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June 28, 2013

Indelible Ink becomes Delible and Edible

UPDATED 10 July 2013

Today, the EC has stated (read here) that for the 24 July by-election for Kuala Besut, all voters are to dip their left index finger into the indelible ink bottle. It is believed that the EC thinks by doing so that more of the ink will be applied and the likelihood of the removal of the indelible ink will be reduced.

This seems to be a most illogical view of an honorable office of the EC who has no idea how the indelible ink and the silver nitrate works. Neither shaken nor stirred nor dipped will change the indelible nature of the ink if it is truly indelible and not food coloring. If it is food coloring, bathing the entire hand will not make it indelible.


“No chemical was used in the ink but it was instead replaced with permitted food colouring,” said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim in his reply to Segambut Member of Parliament Lim Lip Eng.

(read The Malaysian Insider and The Star).

This statement was made in Parliament and enjoys the full immunity accorded to parliamentarians and is intended for information to the Rakyat.

Many comments have been made regarding this fiasco by the Election Commission (EC). Right from the start, when complaints were made that the indelible ink can be washed off after the Police and Army personnel casted their votes in early voting, the EC retorted that perhaps the EC reps at the polling stations did not follow instructions to shake the bottle before use.

Note that AgNO3 or silver nitrate being the staining agent does not need to be shaken or stirred. It must be exposed to light to retain the stain or else it can be washed off. Some suggested to use a fixer like in photography development. In any case, there is no need to shake. Such reasoning is intended to fool the Rakyat at worst case or the EC is speaking in ignorance.

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June 19, 2013

No Contest in Umno Election Contest

It is certainly interesting to watch the public calls for no contest to Umno’s top two posts – President and Deputy President. Tun Mahathir made the most bewildering comment where he supported no contest for these two posts. But it was his reasoning that was bewildering.

“Going by the democratic practice, we should have contests but Malaysians do not really understand the practice. If they lose, they will quit the party and set up another, causing the Malays and Umno to split further.

“In this connection, I support contests, but not for the two top posts of president and deputy president.” (read here).

When Tun M referred to “Malaysians do not really understand the practice”, he really meant the Umno Malays since the context of his comments was on Umno election, not on the Malaysia General Election. His description of the following statement about quitting the party is probably the allusion to Tengku Razaleigh during the 1987 Umno election but it is not accurate as he did not quit the party because of losing. It was Umno which was deregistered and subsequently to that, Tun M registered Umno Baru and removed all of Razaleigh’s supports from the Cabinet, thus forcing him to form Semangat 46 in 1988 after an earlier rejection of the name Umno 46. It was Tun M’s vindictive actions to penalize Razaleigh and his supporters that caused the split. The then Umno President took immediate actions to prevent a repeat of a close contest to his top post.

This is probably a case of selective memory to build a supporting reason for Tun M’s comments to support a no contest for the top two Umno posts. Quite typical of Tun M’s style for speaking off the cuff and justifying what he says based on his own version of events.

PM Najib touted that Malaysia had the “best democracy” in the world. That is really a joke looking at now with the mooting of no contest for his Umno post. How is it that Malaysians can accept democracy in the country but Umno as a party cannot? Why is it that Najib can seek a mandate with Malaysians but cannot do the same within his own party?
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June 3, 2013

Umno Plans 50 Election Petitions, More Than PR

Najib dropped a major bombshell that Umno is planning to file at least 50 election petitions for parliamentary and state seats with another 37 under consideration (read here). This will beat Pakatan Rakyat’s 31 petitions being planned – PKR 20, PAS 8 and DAP 3. Filing petitions is an expensive affair and almost all the time, these petitions are thrown out because of technicality without considering their merits.

It is quite understandable for PR to want to file the petitions because they claim that they have been cheated of the results. It will be really awkward if they didn’t file enough petitions to demonstrate they can win at least 112 seats for a simple majority. Hence, the plan for 31 petitions. The #Black505 rallies have been conducted to expound on the displeasure of losing because of irregularities, foul play and gerrymandering which consequently had demanded for the dismissal of the SPR’s Chairman and Deputy and to restructure SPR to be placed under the jurisdiction of the Parliament, the original place in the Federal Constitution prior to the many amendments made over the years.

Now, for Umno and not even BN to file petitions will be surprising. To top it all, Najib said that Umno will file at least 50 petitions while having 37 more under consideration. This is the surprise of surprise. Just what is Umno displeased about the GE13 which they have never raised since the results were announced on the early morning of 6 May. They contended that everything was clean and fair and that all must accept the results and Najib called for a national reconciliation (besides blaming a Chinese Tsunami for losses of seats).

The question on everybody’s shocked minds is what points will Umno be raising for the Election Petition of a GE13 which they kept claiming was free and fair. Very strange indeed. Will Umno actually file those petitions or if this is just a Public Relations gimmick will be left for Malaysians to wonder for now. By 12 June, all parties must file their petitions with the High Court.
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May 28, 2013

Malaysia At A Standstill

The PM has been sworn in. So did the Cabinet except for 5 individuals who should not have joined in at the time as they were not made Senators yet. The new term begins with a fiasco yet to be rectified. There has been rallies by PR and NGOs showing anger at alleged fraud and also directed at the Election Commission (EC) demanding reforms and for the heads to step down.

Obviously, none of the rallies and demands will be met because the Govt will not want to bow down to such pressure. In turn, they started to arrest PR leaders and activists but ignore pro-Umno bloggers and Utusan Malaysia and even Perkasa. The show of power to silence the Opposition is back.

Such is the beginnings of Najib’s new term. Uncertainty, draconian acts, selective prosecutions, all being the continuation of his previous term. No reforms are evident although Najib has reiterated that he will want to do so. While spewing such promises, the Sedition Act is used again. And arrests made to show power and strike fear into Malaysians.

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