A Historic 4 Days in Malaysia

July 16 – Anwar arrested on sodomy charges with a SWAT style swoop and a convoy of vehicles and ski masked personnel; interrogated for 6 hours, sent to hospital for examination (read here), appeals for all to be calm.

July 17 – Anwar released on bail; RPK arrested on his way to the Police HQ (read here), charged in court for defamation.

These two days have push the limits of the tolerance of the opposition parties and the general public to a new high. More police road blocks were set up this morning causing grievious inconvenience to the morning rush hour folks, all caught by surprise yet again a repeat of the police road blocks on Sunday and Monday morning.

What is happening? Why is it happening?

Speculation is now all time high and mostly not in favor of the ruling Government. High handed tactics and a general public perception that the Government is doing all they can to stay in power even to the extent of bring out the army and these two days of horror are driving the public to question the Government even more.

1. Monday 14 July

An emergency petition to the Speaker for a debate on a no-confidence of the Government due to the recent fuel price increase was turned down due to wrong wording. That day, the vicinity around the Parliament house became a war zone with barbed wires and heavy security. Road blocks were set up around the city to slow down in-coming traffic to the city in an attempt to prevent a so-called rally at the Parliament which never materialized but was adamantly claimed by Syed Hamid of his reliable intelligence.

MV comments:
This appears to show that the BN Government are very anxious to axe any opposition action that can undermine their existence in power. The show of force included the participation of the army which can be miscontrued as a demonstration of what the BN Government is prepared to do to stay in power. Implications include the willingness to declare martial law or curfew to curtail opposing momentum against the ruling party. The incidents on Wednesday and Thursday all appear to be provocative to stir unrest and raise emotions to give the ruling party the reason for absolute public control using the army. The opposition parties have called for calm and not give the Government a chance to play that card.

These two days, the public sentiments against the Police and the Government have turned very negative. The repeat of sodomy charges against Anwar and the way they arrested him an hour before the agreed meeting time with the police seems to point to a power display by the Government that they are prepared to use all force, all means and all power against the people they decided are threats to them.

2. Tuesday 15 July

After a gutsy show of debate prowess by Shabery Cheek and Anwar on Tuesday night, many people were delighted that such an event was made possible and was even telecasted live. Anwar remained the professional gentleman well prepared with facts to argue the case while Shabery remained the rhetorical speaker spewing political lines. Watch the debate here on YouTube in 8 segments.

3. Wednesday 16 July

Anwar met up with the ACA on his allegations against the Police Chief and the AG in the morning.

At around 1pm, he was arrested near his home, taken from the car by a team of police in 15 vehicles and ski masks. The method of arrest is adamantly defended by Syed Hamid while nobody else can accept such ridiculous reasons. Anwar was arrested 1 hour before the agreed time of meeting with the police in a terrorist swoop arrest style. After a 6 hour interrogation, he was sent to the HKL for examination but Anwar had refused to give his DNA. Then he was detained and slept over on at the detention center.

MV comments:
The fairness of the Police is definitely not seen, the high handedness is clearly demonstrated. Stupid reasons are intended to tell us all that they are not to be questioned and any reason given is the best reason and we should all accept it. Malaysians and the international community are not idiots, please! If we can’t extend the courtesy to Anwar because he is a threat to the ruling party, then why is the BN shouting about the demonstration of democracy the day before after the Debate? A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Here, the Police chose to infer Anwar is guilty of no-show 1 hour prior to the meeting. If they had waited for the appointment and is clearly shown that Anwar had no intention of making it, then a reasonable means to procure him will be expected. There were phone calls to confirm the meeting, the earlier meeting with the ACA cut short to make time to attend to the police appointment, all point to the fact that the Police had acted in bad faith. Now to cover it up, all kinds of stupid excuses as well as a demand that the tactics of the police cannot be questioned are coming out.

3. Thurday 17 July

Anwar was released on bail. All is well for now and he makes a press conference after seeking medical treatment for his back. He describes graphically how he was examined, including his private parts. What a treatment!

MV comments:
We know that Anwar’s DNA info is with the Government given the past episode in 1999. So why is there a need to get his DNA again? How can the Police assure that this is professionally done and the evidence collection process is tamper-proof? Tough for now. The Police is considering obtaining a court order to force Anwar to give his blood for DNA extraction but cheek swab would be sufficient. So why the extreme? The Government is also considering inviting foreign forensic experts to handle the evidence. Perhaps such an attempt may enhance the perception that Anwar will be treated fairly and professionally. Let’s see if this is all talk.

RPK was then arrested on his way to his appointment with the Police. He was charged but was released. However, there is conflicting reports as to whether he as released on bail or that the judge deemed the case filed as incomplete. Right now, RPK is out.

MV comments:
Now RPK is not stupid to publish news that is totally fabricated. He has said that he is looking forward to being charged in court and to produce evidence that the news is substantiated. Read here for more details. I believe RPK has something up his sleeves and giving him his day in court will open a pandora’s box of new revelation that will stir up the on-going Altantuya’s case. This case is to be closely monitored by the public to see if the parties alleged are involved or fabricated. Interestingly, the story published talked about an affidavit filed by Razak Baginda that disappeared. In the case that may ensue, RPK need not prove the validity of the involvement but shed evidence that his source is sufficiently reliable and there was no malice. Let’s see how this pans out.

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