Major Concerns

When we look at all the events happening before our very eyes and think them to be unbelievable yet it is happening, we ask why it is so.

The Government seems to be exciting the public and opposition supporters to have a reason for a possible absolute control over the entire country through the recent turn of events. Hopefully, this is not true but one can hardly be blamed for the speculation when the army was called into KL for an “exercise” and the high handedness of how Anwar was arrested together with the Police causing anxiety and total inconvenience with their mindless road blocks. The excuses given were short of idiotic.

However, one thing is for sure. There is a deep concern over Anwar and the Opposition party’s ability to turn the tide for the ruling party. Maybe that’s why the preemptive strike with the sodomy charge, the arrests, the defamation charge, etc.

All of these things are a diversion from the real problems of the country.

We, the people of Malaysia, want to see a prosperous future where the present day troubles are professionally and wisely handled. Right now, we see smoke screens, diversions from inflation and pending stagflation and global financial and food problems affecting us all.

Who is really manning the fort, coming out with proactive fiscal and monetary policies to encourage investment confidence, managing the rise of prices, and controlling the spiraling food prices?

These are the important issues, not sodomy, not defamation. It’s economics, not politics, that will make the difference to us all. To us now and to our children into the future.


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