Apple’s New 3G iPhone … Coming to a store near you soon!

Apple announced the much awaited 3G iPhone (read here) on June 10.  The fans lined up and lo and behold Murphy was around.

Bugs were discovered, servers and online services were held up.  Apple didn’t expect it but I wonder why.  These are problems that a telco or service provider would have been prepared for but Apple is the new kid in the block in such things.  Their new business model is to sell the device at a ridiculously low price and work a deal with telco partners to have a share of the monthly through their iTune servers.

Oh did I say ridiculously low price?  The announcement price was US$199 for the 8GB model and US$299 for the 16GB model.  In Malaysia, Maxis is speculated to be the Apple partner and perhaps we may have it for under RM1,000.  We shall see.  While we watch, SingTel has announced their support for the iPhone program.

So watch this space for more updates on 3G iPhone.  Click here to learn more about the device.  It’s cool!

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One Comment to “Apple’s New 3G iPhone … Coming to a store near you soon!”

  1. I wonder when iphone will officially come to malaysia. it takes forever perhaps?
    in the meanwhile.. lets just stroll to low yat to get one.
    oh i love the custom image header! *envy*

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