Fascination About Anwar’s DNA

Khairy brought it out in Parliament.  Syed Hamid contended for it.  Why does the Police and PM want it?  The police needs it to avoid being accused of manipulating evidence (read here).  Anwar says that he is not prepared to give his DNA sample to avoid evidence being fabricated (read here).

Malaysia Kini reports that “the authorities require a fresh DNA sample from Anwar Ibrahim because the sample extracted 10 years ago is old, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today” (read here).  The Sun reports ““What’s so difficult about it?” Abdullah asked” (read here).

Why does the Police and the Government have such a fixation on Anwar’s DNA, believing that their DNA evidence of Anwar is old and possibly unusable, and that a new DNA sample can conclusively prove his guilt or innocence?  Did Anwar mutate thereby having a new DNA?  How does DNA fit into the whole case?  We are too “CSI” oriented these days.  We need a proper education on what DNA can and cannot do in court.  Read on for an expert view and brace yourself to the realities of DNA evidence.

Malaysia Today in a special report by Sean Black who works for the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA).  This is an excellent article that is very readable and provides good input to a more mature Malaysia.


The double helix genetic compilation known as DNA has become a double conundrum for rape victims in seeking justice in the courtroom. The problem stems from the public’s fascination with DNA and crime. It’s commonly referred to as the “CSI effect,” so named for the trio of popular shows on CBS that solve crimes based on the tiniest fragment of DNA and scientific evidence.

“People expect DNA or scientific evidence in every case and the reality is it doesn’t exist in most cases,” Sangamon County Assistant State’s Attorney Sheryl Essenburg said. “It’s very much the exception.”
In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that DNA is available in only 10-20 percent of cases. Therefore, DNA isn’t the silver bullet the general public expects and often it’s not even available to be fired.
However, its presence or lack thereof is still a key issue at most jury trials. The jury expects DNA or scientific evidence, and the prosecution must educate the jury during each trial on the hazards of over anticipating the importance of science.

Read here for the full text.

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