Updated 3:20pm: RPK Released On Technicality or Bail???

Interestingly, there were conflicting reports as to why RPK walked.  Did he post bail as some reported (read here) or was he released on technical grounds (read here)?

This is a classic example of simply NOT believing everything that is posted anywhere, be it in online blogs or news or even the Main Stream Media (MSM).  As a common reader, I believe we must use our good judgment on the facts of the matter.  When the facts cannot be verified, we just take it with a pinch of salt.  Depending on who posts them, maybe more than a pinch 😉

Anyway, RPK is free for now and that is consistent.  Perhaps reading from various sources may allow us to balance our views a little.  I think we are all mature and thinking Malaysians who can sieve through the heaps of information and mis-information without the Government officials “telling” us what is true.  We have been too long subjected to the ridicule of these people who keeps “warning” us about what is and what is not and what can and will be.

The connected world, this Internet enabled society that we live in, have created a borderless world that truth and lies come together.  At least we have the option to hear the truth this time round and weigh it for ourselves what is and what is not.

Let’s keep stride with RPK.  I think he’s got some interesting things up his sleeves.  When his case eventually ends up in court, we should see what is and what is not.


The printed media are all consistent to the view that RPK posted a RM2,000 bail.  I suppose if democratic analysis is done, that’s what must have happened, especially since reporters were present.  Now, it brings out a concern about what the technicality view could have been.  Malaysia Today reported that based on Suara Keadilan‘s report.  More to follow.  Watch this space.

In the latest Malaysia Today report with statements from Marina, RPK’s wife, it is apparent that RPK posted bail.  Read here.

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One Comment to “Updated 3:20pm: RPK Released On Technicality or Bail???”

  1. Artikel yg sgt menarik..terima kasih kerana berkongsi 🙂

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