Sodomised Victims in Malaysia Have VVIP Hosts

Malaysia has seen many mind boggling events in recent years and days.  I would like to tickle your thoughts to the fact that in Malaysia (to the best of my knowledge, in Malaysia alone) where supposedly sodomised victims get to meet VVIPs.

Mahathir says that he has met at least two such victims purportedly sodomised by Anwar when Mahathir was the PM (read here).  The excerpt as follows:

Is the present complainant a copycat? Hardly likely. Few would care to make public such a very shameful thing as being sodomised. In fact, the last time at least two people came to see me claiming they were sodomised by Anwar. But they were unwilling to make a report or be witnesses in court. One of them, however, did see the imam of Masjid Negara (now Member of Parliament for PAS), to seek advise on the religious angle.

Of late is Najib, DPM, who finally admitted meeting with Saiful who claimed to have been sodomised by Anwar (read here).  He had earlier denied this but I guess the truth cannot be concealed.

In Malaysia, we can get PM and DPM audience when we are sodomised.  I suppose who you claim sodomised you will make the invitation much stronger.  Our ex-PM and DPM have become sodomised victim consellors apart from their demanding jobs of running the country?  A very interesting analysis by V Vernon in Malaysia Today on the same can be read here.

When I read the Bernama article, I can’t help but wonder all the reasons given by Najib sounds awfully comical.  This seems to be how our current Government officials dish our reasons for their actions (re: explaining the excessive show of force in Anwar’s arrest recently – read here).

  1. Najib agreed to meet with Saiful because he was going to reveal that he (Saiful) was sodomised by Anwar.  – seems Najib has so much time to entertain allegations but I suppose as DPM, he needed time off from serious work
  2. Najib elaborated his meeting as a leader with an ordinary citizen – I wonder how many ordinary citizens had the good fortune to meet with the DPM when they wanted to; I think Saiful is a “special” ordinary citizen quite different from us
  3. Najib became expert in telling that Saiful was truthful in his allegations because he looked afraid and his hands were shaking- DPM is moving on to become a subject matter expert in investigation from a single meeting
  4. Najib must have spent a long time with Saiful as he heard a lot of stories – I wonder how heavy is the job of the DPM when he has so much time to listen to crap stories

Najib had to paint a picture that the meeting with Saiful, when finally exposed, was as innocent as he is.  But alas, the Malaysian public cannot be duped yet again.  Saiful with Najib cannot be a coincidence but a very strategic meeting but for what purpose?  I leave that to your speculation….

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One Comment to “Sodomised Victims in Malaysia Have VVIP Hosts”

  1. That’s a good one, I mean the joke or now who’s the joke? I thought DPM only *destressed* with other activities like dating and fraternizing or playing golf. Now DPM has found a new hobby – to collect more sodomy stories.
    You cannot fault him for wanting to hear their (so called victims) stories, he is just doing research for his up and coming new book – SodoMe. He knows he is going to have a lot of free time in the not so distant future.

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