HTC Diamond – How Does It Stack Up to the iPhone?

HTC was the first to react to the Apple iPhone last year when that cool device hit the market. Even though the iPhone was restricted to the US market with its operator partner AT&T Cingular, HTC knew that the innovative user interface of the iPhone had captured the imagination of PDA Phone device users worldwide.  HTC calls it TouchFlo.  Can it match the iPhone?

iPhone Quantum Leap

iPhone approached their device superbly by removing the traditional use of a stylus, first introduced by the Palm PDAs.  Apple knew that they are late in the game but maturity of technology was with them.  They made the quantum leap in User Interface by going straight for finger touch on a superb screen with the highest resolution in any PDA device – a stunning 16 million colors and a HVGA 320×480.  To appreciate the iPhone User Interface, check out the YouTube demonstration here.

HTC Diamond Overview

Now, back to our main topic.  It’s so easily to digress when we talk about the iPhone because it has set a definitive benchmark that all PDA Phone devices will be compared to.

The Diamond is the latest of the HTC family of TouchFlo enabled devices that provides for finger touch interface concepts.  I must say that TouchFlo 3D in the Diamond has come a long way from the first time TouchFlo was introduced in the HTC Touch.  Lots of enhancements and lessons learnt has gone into the UI for sure that makes Windows Mobile device an extremely intuitive gadget.

From the specifications, I must say the Diamond has only one thing going for it – its VGA 640×480 screen with 65K colors.  However, the 2.8-inch screen (vs iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen) and the unfortunate 900 mAh battery (vs Apple 3G iPhone 1150 mAh battery) leaves much to be desired.

To check out HTC Diamond’s full specifications, read here.


I must say that the Diamond is certainly a very respectable Windows Mobile device that should win many Windows Mobile users but not enough to seriously challenge the iPhone.  The Diamond has an excellent screen although smaller than desired but much lighter than the iPhone.  Otherwise, a super cool looking Windows Mobile device all round nonetheless.

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