Omnia in Malaysia Very Soon!

Omnia Front and Back - Close to an iPhone Style

The Samsung Omnia i900 is about to arrive officially to a shop near you! Malaysia is the next destination after Europe, China and Taiwan.  Singapore was the first country in the world that Samsung launched the Omnia during CommunicAsia 08 in June earlier this year.

A little bird told me that the first shipment of the Omnia will arrive in Malaysia within 2 weeks and will be immediately shipped to the key retailers.  Best time will be early August after the PC Fair in KL, probably week of 4th August.  The price is yet to be fixed at the time of writing but I suspect it should be…

… hovering around the RM2,500 region. My guess is that the early launch price can be as high as RM2,800 (16GB) but I suspect RM2,300 to RM2,488 (8GB) will be a very good price for the Omnia here in Malaysia.  My wish is for the 8GB to hit just below RM2,000.  Let’s see how close my prediction is to the actual street price when the time comes.  The Singapore launch price was S$1,098.  I reckon the Omnia will be priced comparable to the parallel imported 16GB iPhones.

It is most probable that the Omnia will not be bundled with any memory card since there’s ample storage inside. The initial launch model comes with 16GB of Internal Memory.  The 8GB model may not be launched at the same time depending on the availability by Samsung.

The retailers will look to bundling a bluetooth headset, screen protector and possibly some protective casing or pouch.  We’ll see in about a week’s time what the latest plan will be.

If you are keen to track it down when the Omnia is launched in Malaysia, the first batches will find its way to the retailers who currently sells PDA Phones.  Watch them closely.  I’m sure you want to buy from someone who can support you after the sale.  There are not many around.  It is advisable to make good friends with these retailers for better support.  Some of them have gotten quite savvy in Windows Mobile devices given that many has ventured into the market with O2, Dopod and HTC.  All major malls where there are PDA Phone retailers are your target to hunt down the Omnia in 2 weeks time.

Stay tuned to this channel.  The little bird is sure to return with juicy news soon!

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4 Comments to “Omnia in Malaysia Very Soon!”

  1. hi ,
    do you know any particular shop in kl that will have stock when it arrive or better will there be a launch for this phone in kl

  2. KL – Low Yat is a good place as well as Mid Valley. PJ – try Digital Mall, Subang Parade. Make sure you are comfortable with the service extended to you and they are not bullshitting you with sales garbage.

  3. Actually, i’m really hope Omnia will be launch together with PC Fair next week..My mind only have Omnia or Diamond or Omnia or Diamond…heheh

  4. I know how you feel. Unfortunately, PC Fair has never been a good time to launch any new products as it has the feel of a “cheap sale” of stuff that distributors and retailers want to discard at low prices. It does take the glitter out of the Omnia if Samsung chooses to launch then. We’ll see.

    My guess is the week of 4th August at the earliest and before the start of the Olympics of 8th August. Let’s see if my prediction is true ;-).

    I too await the launch of the Omnia anxiously!

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