Malay Rights – A Mystical Myth?

I recently came across a letter by Shaik Rizal Sulaiman that was published first by MalaysiaKini on June 23, 2008, and subsequently found its way to numerous blogs.  In the wake of the so-called UMNO-PAS Malay Unity talks recently disclosed (whatever PAS wants to define it), this letter serves as a good reminder and posits a very pragmatic and realistic view from a new generation Malay perspective which is apolitical in nature.  His words are as a professional and from his heart.

He writes:

I dare say that most Malaysians (regardless of race) below the age of 40 would like to see all opportunities be spread amongst those who deserve it on meritocracy.


The Malay politicians continue to shout about Malay rights and bumiputera rights because the very nature of our local politics is sadly racially biased. In this day and age, a great nation is built upon joint success stories, meritocracy and the combined hard work of its people without any fear or favour of racial biased politics governing our daily policies.


I blame the Malay politicians for this because we want to only fight the cause without strategising for the true substance and need of the cause. We have been given fish all the while without being taught how to fish.


I am cynical perhaps because I feel that Malay rights is not relevant anymore. The right to be safe, to be treated fairly, to have a world-class healthcare and education, to enjoy equal prosperity, to have good governance, to live in a clean environment and to be war-free is what I want for my Malaysia. Not for my race to be artificially powerful.

For his full letter, go to MalaysiaKini and read here.

I’m afraid Shaik Rizal speaks not for all Malays.  He’s the bold and successful fellow Malaysian that represents the new Malaysia whom most of us are admiring as we read his heartfelt letter.

Something for all of us to think about during these challenging days lest we be distracted by politicians!  We are, after all, Malaysians!

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