A Malaysian Dilemma

This is very well written letter by truthbespoken published in Malaysia Today (read here) this evening.  I must say that the author has expressed his thoughts excellently which is representative of all Malaysians regardless of background or race or political affiliation.  His plea is our plea, his thoughts, our thoughts.  We all want a great future for all our children and it begins with us here and now.  Amidst the troubling events engulfing us recently and the realisation of a lamed economy (regardless of who tells us otherwise), this letter is a timely reminder of the Malaysian heart in the current heat of political and economic crisis.

Something flashed on my mind this morning… I asked, how could our country, Malaysia, come into this state of confusion? And how could Malaysia, the country, continue to progress when the majority of my countrymen are not patriotic? Why is the majority refusing to be Malaysians? Aren’t all citizens of Malaysia, Malaysians first? After all, are we not a sovereign nation and our individual national identity described as Malaysian?

And I asked again.. but what had actually made the majority unpatriotic, hesitating or refusing to behave as Malaysians? Then I answered myself. No, the majority are not unpatriotic people by nature. They are good people. The main reason for these good people holding back and resisting to be Malaysians is that they have always been influenced and brainwashed by UMNO politicians into behaving that way for too long, for many decades. … It’s a strange phenomenon for any country and it’s certainly a lousy recipe for unity and nation building!

For the entire letter, read here!  Something to reflect on this Saturday evening!

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