Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 – Is it coming still?

SE Xperia X1 - Better looking than Nokia E90

Sony Ericsson’s 1st entry into the Windows Mobile device was announced in February 2008 (read here).  After that, nothing much was heard.  SE alluded to a 2nd half availability of the device.  Given my experience with Windows Mobile device development and marketing, it’s not easy to come out with a quantum leap device to overtake the market leaders like HTC and Samsung who have had a few more years of experience working on such devices.  SE’s Xperia X1 does show a lot of promise for a 1st product and given all the specifications and pictures of the device, I must say that it is indeed a sweet little baby of a device and much better looking than the Nokia E90 for sure.

But is it still coming to town after all this while?

I’m awaiting the little bird to whisper to me more information about the X1 and I’m particularly interested in the X1 coming to Malaysia.  For now, we do know that we can expect SE to bring it out in mid-September.  Handango’s Content Partner Newsletter revealed that the X1 will be launched in mid-September (read here).  We shall see as 4th Quarter 2008 comes around.  Hutchinson’s 3 is rumored to have a November schedule (read here).

The more interesting news I think is the rumor that the X1 is made by HTC (read here).  That is totally plausible.  HTC was originally an ODM (original device manufacturer) for Palm Treo as well as O2 before the advent of Dopod and the HTC brand.  It is entirely possible that HTC is going back to ODM work given SE is a great brand to work with and this gives SE a springboard with a very reliable manufacturer with leadership experience in working with Windows Mobile and Microsoft.

SE cannot have gone directly to start the Microsoft relationship now given their commitment to Symbian OS device development and expect to do a credible 1st Windows Mobile product.  So if SE didn’t go to someone like HTC, the X1 may remain a hopeful but not there device or another by the wayside and bites the dust before it becomes real product, the many Windows Mobile bygones and to the WM obituary before its time.

You can read the X1 official specs here but the unofficial specs look more complete here.

Stay tuned for more Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1 news for Malaysia right here.  Don’t go away!  All I can safely say now is that Sony Ericsson is working hard to get the X1 out the door and I trust right to Malaysia soon!

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9 Comments to “Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 – Is it coming still?”

  1. this is the master piece from Sony Ericsson and i’m fall in luv with it…
    wondering when will it be coming to malaysian market, because not many of them selling this phone..
    anyway how about the price??

  2. The target arrival time is late November. I believe all PDA phone resellers will sell the X1 and also some of the SE resellers. Price is not low. You should plan on paying at least 3k, if not higher, at the time of launch.

  3. A PDA dealer told me tonite that the x1 will be launched tomorrow (6th Nov) in conjunction with the new 007 movie. Apparently its the james bond phone. Not too sure how true is this. Retail price is at RM2999. Can any of your sources confirm this?

  4. The X1 is definitely not launched today as you had indicated. As I had mentioned, it should be towards the end of November and it is highly probable that the price should be hovering around the RM3,120. Save up some money. The other comparable and competitive devices are more expensive e.g. those from HTC.

  5. Thanks 🙂 I wonder why that dealer would give me that kind of story

  6. Perhaps your dealer has mistaken the product. HTC had a product launch yesterday but not Sony Ericsson.

  7. well perhaps. Thanks. Today the papers advertised the phone coming in 12 days. Check out the star papers if you have not. Ive signed up for a chance to prebuy it before the launch date

  8. That’s great. When you get your X1, write a short posting and I’ll post it here for you. It will be good to have an X1 owner say something about the product from your first hand experience.

  9. No worries. Will do. Read another internet rumour that it will be launched by tomorrow. Too much of speculations. I guess i shall just sit tight and wait for it.

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