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July 27, 2008

Car Harping? There’s Much More Than Meets The Eye

I think all Malaysians are fed up hearing about the Terengganu’s episode of buying 14 units of Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressor luxury cars worth RM3.43m.  It took the lime light over Anwar’s case, the Altantuya Case, the Umno-Pas Talks but more importantly, the economic plight of the country that affects all of us.

When we want to do something, there will be all the justification in the world regardless if it’s factual, rational or pragmatic.  In Malaysia, politicians have learnt to say the darnest things to justify their actions.  Strangely, these actions are fielded in the headlines.  We don’t know what to think anymore.   Is this more important than all the challenges we are facing or that there is nothing better to report on.

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