Omnia at PC Fair

Preview of the Omnia - Not my hand 😉

“Ladies and gentlemen, announcing the arrival of the new Samsung Omnia i900….”


For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the Omnia, I believe that Samsung will make the presence of Omnia felt at the PC Fair this weekend.

Both the 16GB and the 8GB models will be presented at the fair against the array of PDA phones that will be dished out by all the major vendors.

HTC will be making their customary presence with SIS backing and pitting the Cruise and the Diamond against everybody.  Probably the last shipments of the Touch range too.  Any takers?

Samsung Omnia is there to rain on HTC’s parade.  Will be definitely interesting at the PC Fair this weekend.

Now who will anchor the Samsung banner?  I don’t know yet.  Let’s see which key retailer will make that commitment.

From my last posting, I did say that the Omnia will be here after the PC Fair.  So what am I saying now?

Yes, the Samsung Omnia will be in Malaysia after the PC Fair.  That’s for sure.  But I suspect Samsung will be offering an early bird booking for all of you out there who is interested to get the first units out of the warehouse next week.

If I were Samsung (which I’m not), and I want to rain on HTC’s parade during PC Fair, I will give you all early birds who are booking the first units a sweetheart deal.  If, let’s say, the 16GB Omnia will go to market at RM2,800, I will let you have it for RM2,500 with a booking deposit.  Maybe, as the good retailer will do, throw in a screen protector and sell you a nice leather pouch for RM120 (RM50 off the list).

After all, the Omnia is the next closest thing to the iPhone for now.  O Come Omnia Soon!  We are all waiting anxiously for you!!!

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3 Comments to “Omnia at PC Fair”

  1. hi ,

    i heard that samsung is having a launch on the 5th august have you heard about this

  2. I was just about to ask whether is that your hand holding the phone when I realize that there’s a caption saying it’s not yours. LOL.

  3. Samsung is having a press launch on 5th August. You have good sources, Joshua.

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