Diamond vs Omnia i900 at PC Fair – Here is Omnia’s Price!

The PC Fair is starting tomorrow in KL at the KL Convention Centre.  HTC will again show its dominant presence at this event.  Leading the HTC charge is obviously the Diamond, the latest in the pack of HTC’s family of devices available in Malaysia.  Word has it that there doesn’t seem to be any spectacular special packages during this PC Fair.  Hmm is the PC Fair losing its lustre?

Here are the special PC Fair prices for the HTC Diamond and the Samsung Omnia i900.  Remember, you read it HERE FIRST! This is breaking news now but it’ll be old tomorrow when PC Fair opens.  Welcome to the Internet age news.  Read on!

The HTC Diamond is now at RM2,799 with a bluetooth headset.  There will be a challenge from Samsung Omnia i900 for early birds.  You can man-handle the device at PC Fair.

The Omnia will be introduced at RM2,999 for 16GB and RM2,799 for 8GB.  There will be a bundle of an exclusive Omnia pouch, an Omnia photo frame and a screen protector FREE.  Incidently, the photo frame is what it is, a frame around the Omnia where you can put it on slideshow mode and it holds the Omnia snuggly.  If you pay now, you will be the FIRST people to receive it when the physical shipment arrives next week.

You will have a good time deciding between the 8GB and 16GB over the Diamond.  Many of you will want to fork out the difference to go all the way with the Omnia 16GB.  This is the top-of-the-range for a Windows Mobile device and looking closer to an iPhone too.

The market will be quite interesting for the next month (August) before the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 makes its entry into the Malaysia market sometime in September.

I’m sure the PDA Phone market will continue to be an HTC vs Samsung dominance for the Windows Mobile device market.  I look forward to the Sony Ericsson’s entry to give them a good fight which means variety for all users.

So if you are free the next 3 days, head over by foot, LRT or car (good luck to you drivers!) to KL Convention Centre and check out HTC and Samsung booths for the HTC Diamond and the Samsung Omnia i900.

Before I forget, if your budget is smaller than these elite models, the slightly less current models of HTC Touch Dual and the Samsung i780 are both worthy devices for your consideration still.  And they are here at the PC Fair!

See you all there!

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11 Comments to “Diamond vs Omnia i900 at PC Fair – Here is Omnia’s Price!”

  1. Hi, how do u know the price of Omnia would be RM2999 16Gb & RM2799 8Gb?

    Already launched?!

  2. As breaking news goes, I have my inside sources and lots of special birds that whisper to me. This is confirmed today at PC Fair with flyers printed by Samsung themselves which the retailers didn’t know when they were preparing for PC Fair.

  3. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh…!!!Im so frustrated…I went to a lot of samsung cell phone shop and lots of them never heard of Omnia…they only know about Iphone…I want to buy Omnia 16GB but when will it be launch in Malaysia…???

  4. The Omnia was made available for booking in PC Fair. Today is the last day at Fresh Gear and PDA Expert booths. Oh, also the Samsung Booth.

    Read the PC Fair posting for more info. This week is Omnia’s week. Stay tuned.

  5. Hi proud2bmalaysian, just saw ur comment on Omnia & HTC Diamond prices. Not sure, Is Omnia in the market right now? What is d price now? Can u advise?

  6. Hi Kennytwl, the Omnia prices are exactly as stated in this posting. It is already in selected retail outlets where PDAs are sold. Check out Low Yat, Mid Valley, Subang Parade, Digital Mall, The Curve, Ikano, 1 Utama… you can’t miss it.

  7. Hi proud2bmalaysian, thanks for your info but too bad that I am saying in J.B not K.L. Anyway I will go look around on this weekend. Got any bugs 4 this new gadget? Can it be fix later on?

  8. Kennytwl, the Omnia is available in JB too. Check out the major shopping complexes there. I suspect you can get them at the SAMSUNG branded outlets, probably the larger ones, as well as at the Jusco complexes.

    The Omnia is based on Windows Mobile and is basically upgradeable when Samsung makes it available later. I believe you may have to visit a Samsung Service Centre for such upgrades as I’ve not seen an upgrade by Samsung made available to the public for a Windows Mobile device yet.

  9. Hi Proud2bmalaysian, thanks for ur info, I got to try out the Omnia a few days ago but haven’t decide to buy it yet. I feel that the sound of the Omnia is not very loud compare to normal hp. Pls correct me if I’m wrong cos I try it in a quite noisy environment. I am struggling on buying a Omnia or HTC Diamond. For memory and camera parts, of course I will vote Omnia but for other parts I am not very sure about it. Can have some opinion from your side???

  10. Kennytwl

    I presume you are talking about the ringing tone volume. As in every Windows Mobile device, you can turn up the System Volume to the max and it is very loud. However, if you work in a very noisy environment, perhaps it’s best to set to vibrating mode and ringing at the same time so to get two notification methods. Same goes for Diamond as they are both Windows Mobile devices. You must buy what you like best coz it’s quite a sum of money either way. Once bought, you must like it then 😉

  11. Proud2bmalaysian,

    Thanks for your info again. I guess i didn’t set the system volume to max. You r right that both phone cos quite a lot, that is why I am still struggling to buy either one. Xd xd…

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