Today at PC Fair – Diamond and Omnia Present

Samsung Omnia i900 at HTC booths!

Today, we find the Omnia on demonstration but strangely at booths sponsored by HTC on the ground floor

HTC Booth with Omnia present - Taken with HTC Touch Dual courtesy of SIS

HTC Booth with Omnia present - Taken with HTC Touch Dual courtesy of SIS

exhibition area as well as at the Samsung booth on the 3rd floor.

Of course, the Omnia price was as predicted (read here) and there were no stocks until next week (my prediction again!).  I wonder if there were any takers for paying up to book the first Omnia arriving in Malaysia.  There should be a press launch by Samsung for the Omnia next week.

HTC was again the dominant brand supporting 2 resellers. All other principal vendors did nothing this time round.  I guess HTC has separated themselves from the rest of the pack being the only company fully dedicated to PDA Phone devices and spending much more on marketing.  Only Samsung attempted to feature the Omnia but was a feeble attempt being an add-on to the grand Samsung booth supporting their LCD TVs and printers.

Fresh Gear and PDA Expert were the 2 resellers backed by HTC/SIS with cluster booths and identical setups.  These 2 have gone head-to-head over the years but PDA Expert threw in hoards of staff.  There were more staff than customers.  Anyway, it was the first day.  Hopefully, they learn more about the Omnia to be more intelligent in explaining the functions.

I think the immediate impression of using the Omnia is exuding a very good feel indeed.  Needless to say, the Diamond has an excellent screen with a very mature Touchflo 3D interface.  Go check them out!

The anticipation is that Saturday and Sunday will see the larger crowd.  Hopefully so.  With the inflation being clearly felt now, I wonder how responsive the IT desires will be by the public this time round.

The general feel is that although the 2 resellers were big time HTC supporters, it is apparent that the lower end PDA phones from Asus and Toshiba are finding more interests of customers coming by.  But few are buying today.  Perhaps tomorrow.

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One Comment to “Today at PC Fair – Diamond and Omnia Present”

  1. I saw and held the Omnia. That’s as close to the device as I can… for now. It has a good feel for handling. Looks cool too.
    Yes its true. The most irritating thing is when you know MORE than the sales people or the promoters. Probably our expectation is just a tad high? Or the promotors knowledge is just a tad low? Hmmm….

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