Sodomy Allegations Abuzz with Confusion (Updated)

The web blogs and news sites are abuzz with the latest exposé of a doctor’s notes (see here and now more here) taken during his examination of Saiful.  It appears to have been recorded about 4 hours prior to Saiful making a police report on being sodomised by Anwar.  This has thrown a gauntlet into the entire police investigation or so it appears.  The Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar wishes to “…to warn everyone, including bloggers, not to disturb police investigations by disseminating material or information that is inaccurate or false” (emphasis mine, reference here).  Seems that this doctor’s report is either glossed over or ignored although it appears very clear on the innocence of Anwar (if the documents shown is true.)

So what is really happening?  Is what we are reading inaccurate or false when it’s not from the Main Stream Media?  Is what the police say accurate and true?  What and who are we to believe?  This public display of statements by so many parties are possibly confusing everyone who is following this closely.  What are facts and what are counter-facts?

First, Anwar is arrested for allegedly sodomising Saiful (read here).  But he is not charged in court and not disclosed the specifics of the charges.  Strange but true.  Is this justice?

Now, a public display of a doctor’s notes showing Saiful was not sodomised.  But an official says Anwar will be charged soon (read here) and that it’s based on strong scientifc evidence.  The Health Ministry DG says that they will stick by the findings of the doctors who did the medical check at KL Hospital (read here).  The statement implied that their findings is different from the doctor’s finding from Hospital Pusrawi.

Interestingly, a comment posted at Susan Loone’s blog shows a very different picture worthy for our consideration (read here).  The comment was regarding the KL Hospital checkup which seems to corroborate with Hospital Pusrawi’s unfortunate disclosure.  Again, weigh them all out.

So, we see what the officials want to tell us things that are quite different from what we read from other media, namely, the non-MSM.  This obviously tells us that the media is hardly independent but the good thing is that we now can see from both sides.  Kinda reminds me of  Joni Mitchell’s song entitled “Both Sides Now” released in 1969.

I’ve looked at sodomy from both sides now

From MSM and Blogs and still somehow

It’s political illusions I recall

I really don’t know politics at all.

I’ve looked at the doctor’s notes from both sides now

From up and down, and still somehow

It’s political illusions I recall

I really don’t know politics at all.

We now can see arrests made without a charge, things said in blogs considered inaccurate and false, who the police feels like swooping down to investigate takes priority, sodomy allegations more serious than murder allegations, politicians making more statements than the police spokesperson, DNA demands with comical reasons … what else can we expect to see?

In Malaysia-Boleh land, I suppose anything can happen, politicians can say the darnest things and the people are treated like idiots being told what is inaccurate and what is false.

Is this where we are for real or in perception?  Both are equally important for justice is blind.  The facts must be shown for the truth must be spoken and the innocent remains innocent until proven guilty.  This is what Malaysia stands for no matter who says otherwise.  We Malaysians DEMAND it.

So far we have seen actions that imply guilt of Anwar without a charge.

Prove Anwar guilty or cut the crap!

DNA proves nothing!  What a load of baloney!  I wonder if the police watches CSI or not to take some lessons away.

Based on strong scientific evidence?  Hah!  Unbelievable!

The current anticipation is that Anwar will be arrested soon, even Anwar declares that (read here).  Hopefully this time with respect of innocense and with sound charges, else drop it.

Now we watch how the police performs in court, if there’s going to be a day in court.  I can only fear the worst but I hope for the best that the truth will prevail!

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