Sodomy vs Economy: Who cares for us Malaysians?

It is so exciting to read about Anwar hitting the road for the impending Pematang Pauh by-election over the weekend.  Sounded like the prelude to a national transformation with speculation that he will win handsomely.  Main stream media played down his thunderous heart moving ceramahs and played up the unfortunate incident of the Guang Ming Daily’s photographer being roughed up.  One would have thought that this incident reported by the MSM being the highlight of the Anwar trail.  Sad news reporting but then again, MSM is proven yet again to be a Government propaganda machine.

Today, we know that the Pematang Pauh by-election will be on 26 August.  Shortly after that, Anwar is served a summon to appear in court tomorrow morning at 10am.  Then RPK writes another startling exposé with details of a complicated conspiracy (read here) to show how Anwar and RPK are being setup for the fall and be removed from being an obstacle to the powers to be.  This is all too disturbing to Malaysians and a cause for all of us to worry even more!

Everyone is talking about sodomy these days.  It’s the butt of jokes (pun intended) and we’re laughing at how the entire escapade has become a royal farce.  It is truly another Malaysia Boleh darnest tricks.  The polls show that most of the public at large doesn’t believe a hoot about the allegations.  Although the public is not the judge, the public opinion is nevertheless very important to gauge how we all feel about the entire episode.

Alas, did we naively think that anyone in power would bother how and what we all think?

We, the Malaysian public, is very concerned about the stagnating economy, how to handle the severity of the growing inflation, corruption, foreign investment policies and strategies, public transportation improvements and all the real issues that we Malaysians have to face everyday.

But look at what the newspapers report!  Headlines on MRR2 problem, Sodomy allegations, police investigation interference by politicians, fighting for Party positions, reports to ACA on allegations of money politicking, Umno position jostling, police losing drug evidence, more sodomy, DAMN!!!!

Is there nothing else to report on that shows that someone in leadership is looking after the country, the people, the economy, the welfare of the nation?

The sodomy allegations and the impending charging of Anwar has taken prime spotlight and appears to be a futile attempt to stop his return to parliament and to derail the oft repeated claims of BN MPs moving over to the opposition by 16 September.  We are now seeing the seriousness of dirty politics to stop Anwar at all costs, even at the expense of all Malaysians.

Our leadership seems to have resigned to auto-piloting the country blaming external factors and ignoring what we can do in Malaysia to mitigate the impact of an inflation and stagflation onslaught.  We seem to be resigned to the playing with statistics to put wool over the eyes of Malaysia as if we are doing well when in reality we are doing far worse.

Our leadership does not take the LRT to work, does not take the taxi to go to meetings, does not go to coffee shops to eat, does not go shopping in supermarkets, does not have to buy eggs, does not pay for their own petrol or diesel, does not have to be delayed by police road blocks in the morning rush to work, does not do any of the things that ordinary Malaysians have to endure and suffer through more and more these days.  They don’t have to feel how small our Ringgit has become, when our salaries are not going up but everything else is and we can’t do a damn thing about it.

It really irks us to hear our leaders say that it’s not something they can do but they will keep talking about how great the economy is.  I agree with Pak Lah not to be playing to polls results but it’s a definite representation of the pulse and opinion of Malaysians.

Our dear PM, wake up and feel what we feel!  If you can’t tell that we are all FED UP of the sodomy farce, then you are totally in slumberland.  If you can’t tell we need Government intervention to prop up the economy and work towards minimizing the impact of the inflation and doing the right things to shore up our economic defenses rather than be preoccupied in buying submarines and playing up sodomy charges, then we are so screwed!

Watch the Pematang Pauh by-election then.  Anwar will win whether he is present or not.  Why?  Because it’s not about Anwar but it’s about what Anwar represents.  Hope to positive change!

Unless the present Government can articulate and execute the hope of the nation and convince us all that our perception is all wrong and the reality is much better than we are seeing, the days of the BN Government is surely numbered.  So far, it is all NATO – No Action, Talk Only!

We are still hoping for that to happen but not for long.  August 26 is not many days away now.

Why can’t our leaders see that the people, the economy, is far more important than Anwar?  Why is it they think stopping Anwar will make things better for Malaysia?

The people has spoken on March 8.  If the Government doesn’t act appropriately, August 26 will be another defining moment in shaping our future!

The people will speak yet again and nothing will stop us!

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2 Comments to “Sodomy vs Economy: Who cares for us Malaysians?”

  1. BN does not know what the real problem is. They are taking actions for the sake of doing something. They have never think through the consequences their actions will bring. BN thought Anwar is the culprit to the tsunami during the March election.
    In truth, they failed to realise that it is the aspiration for transformational change that is driving the people to vote for the opposition. It has nothing to do with the person. Anwar has the right idealism and share the same plight with the people. For once there is someone who has the same vision and willing to fight for the people. Now very clearly BN is too shallow minded to understand this.

    Then again, are we surprise that they JUST DON’T GET IT?

    Of course not!! IF they do get it (that is a big If), we would all be SURPRISE!!

  2. Interesting post!
    I, for one, care. I’m not a Malaysian, but I’ve lived in Malaysia and care deeply about her. As you say, Anwar isn’t what matters, but to people inside and out, Anwar is a symbol. That symbol is what was dangerous to Mahathir, and possibly what the current PM is afraid of as well.

    Especially in Malaysia, the economy and the autocratic system go hand in hand. A paper I wrote on that topic is available here:

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