Sodomy vs Economy (Part 2): Preoccupied with the wrong things

Anwar is formally charged for consensual sodomy and released on bail without surety.  The Maybank fiasco on BII comes to the fore.  Then the Bar Council’s forum tomorrow receives carefully stated advice from all quarters but it will go on as planned.  And of course, Malaysians are now finding solace on TV with the start of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

The interests of the public is now split between the Pematang Pauh by-election slated for August 26 and the Beijing Games.  The rest are now fillers and I have a general sense that Malaysians are fed up of what’s happening to bother much.  I think the hope is pinned on the by-election outcome which if it’s anyone’s guess, the decision of most people is already made up.  We shall see when the time comes, won’t we.

But do we see anyone making serious efforts to shore up the economy, to give us hope that things are being put in place, that corruption is being checked and not just talked about, that contingencies are executed to fight inflation and less political rhetorics about what should?  Well, no!  And do you know why?

Open the newspapers and we see everyone fighting for dear political lives.  The by-election holds great promise for Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar but grave implications to BN.  The MCA elections are starting to show surprises of serious competition from old stalwarts whom everybody thought had retired and should stay retired.  The Umno division meetings are being held with the nominations for the impending December Party elections.  Major implications are in store for the top leadership with Dr M fanning the flames on the sidelines.

Usually 3 months after a general election, things will fall in place but this time round, everything has been thrown into total disarray.  The global economic impact like the US prime rates and the surge of oil prices certainly didn’t help at all but gave the Government an excuse for a lack of foresight and wisdom to do the right things, whatever they may be, but we will never know now given the lack of attention.

The people in power are fighting to stay in power and ignoring the urgent and the priority of the nation.  The people not in power are fighting to capitalize the window of opportunity to get into power.  The present Government has to fight on many fronts now but they seem to have chosen to fight for the right to stay in power by losing sight on the important things that affect us all.

We are the voters, the people who pay them to be do their jobs but we don’t seem to see anything but hear only rhetorics about acknowledgement that our current economic situation is real.  We don’t need acknowledgement from our PM.  We need clear and decisive actions to prop up our economy.  Not more talk but more actions!  But in Malaysia, after the general elections, our elected leaders appear to have forgotten about their bosses, the people who voted and pay them!

The apparent inactions are deafening.  The inflation is growing so fast.  Food prices are rising as we speak.  More impact on our pockets will be seen in the coming months if nothing is done to check inflation.  This fear is real and we, the people, are facing it daily.  But not the politicians.

Why?  They don’t do the same things we do, they can’t feel the pinch we do, they cannot empathise with us.  So what is the Government preoccupied with?  They are preoccupied with things to keep them in power.  And we thought so naivély that these things are to do with us.  But we are wrong.  Instead of making things better for us to give them the right to be in power, we are being seemingly forgotten.

Better watch the Beijing Games then!  It’s a sad, sad period for us at this juncture.  Come August 26, maybe things can be different!

Stay tuned then and enjoy the Games.  It’s looking much better than our economy.

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One Comment to “Sodomy vs Economy (Part 2): Preoccupied with the wrong things”

  1. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

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