Consensual Sodomy? A likely crocked up story (Updated)

Malaysia Kini is currently carry an online poll asking “Should the Anwar sodomy charge be dropped?” Interestingly but not surprisingly, the current result shows over 92% of the 1,464 respondents say yes (read here for more updated stats).

Speak to whoever you know and there is a sense of frustration, disbelief as well as anger that this episode has been used as a public assassination of Anwar’s political career.  If this is not politically motivated, then why are politicians so keen to make a statement?  Why did the police swoop in to arrest Anwar?  Why did our dear foreign minister brief so many foreign country ambassadors?  Why is the Government trying to pretend to be not involved when the public clearly sees their involvement?  Why is Saiful being protected by the police and I presume given immunity in this charge solely against Anwar for “suka sama suka” (consensual) act?  There are more unanswered questions with more revelation by RPK too.

Protect Saiful and screw Anwar!  And we are told that this is not political.  Hah!  Are Malaysians stupid?  No we are not and don’t take us as fools please!

Yes, another act that goes into the annals (not anus) of Malaysia Boleh for 2008.  A friend said if Anwar has always had homosexual inclinations, there must be lots of other partners over his years practicing who can come out to state their case.  Perhaps Malaysians are not as open.  In the case of David Beckham, an expose of a fling soon got heaps of ex-girlfriends coming out to testify that they too did it.  However, the point is that if (hypothetically speaking) Anwar is a habitual gay engaged in such practice, wouldn’t our dear police been able to find more witnesses apart from Saiful to demonstrate beyond a shadow of doubt that Anwar is what they make him out to be?  As of now, it seems that Saiful is a once off “partner” if true and that makes it sounds very suspicious indeed.  Something to think about.

Anyway, to close another thought, let’s take a different viewpoint here.  Something that affects men in their advance years.  Anwar is 61 today.  Given the various reports I read by doctors and vendor sponsors on people over 60, it appears that Anwar can appeal to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as a defense.  It is widespread and very believable as well as easily proven.  I’m sure the men can attest to this.  Without a reasonable erection, there can not be any consensual sodomy however agreeable both parties are.  If it wasn’t consensual, then it can’t even begin.  So is this something that the Government overlooked?  😉

Well, enough humor for the day.  I’m not saying that Anwar has ED but the thought of it being a defense is certainly sound and strategically surprising to everybody if true.  Sodomy, ED, political assassination and what nots that is being on prime time shown off to the public by the Government is sickening us all.  This entire episode has shown the gaffs of the leadership and made a mockery of Malaysians to the international scene.  The people laugh about it over teh tarik, maybe about ED this time.

This is surely the silliest and darnest political mess cooked for the day.  I await the Pematang Pauh by-elections as the next major milestone to watch closely.  For now, the sodomy case can wait.

Click!  It’s Beijing 2008 now.  Much better than our national news where there is nothing new.

P/S  Saiful apparently denies that he was sodomized and thus not consensual (read here).  So how is it that when Saiful claimed to have been sodomized and non-consensual but the AG charging Anwar on a consensual act?  They didn’t verify each others facts?  Either way, it smells of crocked fish!

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