Sony Ericsson X1 – An Early Impression

I had the privilege to meet up with X1 from Sony Ericsson this afternoon at a secret location.  He was cautious to meet with me because his time is not yet come.  Fortunately, this meeting was arranged by a very good friend who could pull strings in high places for me.  This secret meeting revealed a closer look at the X1 albeit from my early impressions for now.  X1 allowed me to take some pictures with him and I will be sharing some of them here over the coming weeks.

X1 is still in the testing phase and the one I saw should be close to how the actual device will look like.  Over the next few weeks, I will share with you my thoughts of this cool looking device, the first Windows Mobile device by Sony Ericsson.  I should not comment on the workings of the device at this time because the engineering set is not close to production level as yet, but it’s certainly getting there.

Being a polite Malaysian, we shoke hands.  When the stainless steel packed device touched my hand, you can be sure the solid body gave it a million dollar feel.  Yes, it was a tad heavier than most other PDA devices in its class but the professional firm feel it exuded warrants for an additional few grams over the plastic feel of the others.

I met the chrome model and I believe I will love the matte black model even more when it eventually arrives.  I have a personal liking for matte black after having a number of chrome O2 XDAs over the years.  Matte

X1 in my hand

X1 in my hand

black on the steel is classy.  I can’t comment much about this color yet since I’ve not seen it.  But definitely in due time, so hang in there!

Here’s is X1 and I up close and personal.  The pix is certainly going into the family album now.  I know some of you are waiting to touch it but for now, the pleasure is all mine!

From this meeting, I must confess that I like X1 more now.  So I have more interest to venture further to check out X1 over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more X1 strip tease! 😉

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