Questions from UiTM Incident

There are a number of pertinent questions to ask from this ultra extreme reaction by the students of UiTM and various politicians to the purported suggestion of Khalid Ibrahim for opening a 10% quota for non-bumiputra and international students in the university.

  1. What did Khalid actually say? I can’t find the exact words he uttered anywhere but in an article in Malaysia Today quoting Anwar that Khalid actually said something else (read here). If so, everybody else had jumped the gun in reacting the way they did.  All reacting to the wrong thing! Makes them really silly, doesn’t it?
    • “He (Anwar) explained that Selangor mentri besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who is also PKR secretary-general, had only suggested that one course like the MBA be opened to international and non-Bumiputra students.”
  2. What’s the problem with opening a course to international and non-bumiputra students? I find it hard to understand the jealous guarding of UiTM by various groups after I read here in Malaysia Kini that there are already international and non-bumiputra students studying in UiTM.  The university also had apparently participated in an international exhibition in China to enrol students into UiTM.  If all of these are true, I wonder if those who had protested would be feeling rather stupid now.  I read here that the UiTM board has been considering opening up enrolment to non-bumiputra and international students for a while too.  If this is also true, then the reaction and comments by the PM appear even more ridiculous.
  3. Who is funding UiTM? It appears that UiTM is funded by tax payers as all public supported educational institutions are.  Don’t the the tax payers have a say?  The protesters are not even tax payers.  A bit ridiculous there, isn’t it?
  4. Is it legal to make a public protest by students? University students are prohibited from participating in politics and activities that can create public unrest like the recent UiTM student protests.  I don’t disagree to the rights of anyone to make a protest but in this case with regards to university students, does it mean that the MOE will allow all university students across the country to behave likewise?  Strangely, nobody in MOE nor the Education Minister said anything against the students protest.  To date, there have been a number of reports of UiTM students protest (read here and here) meaning more students contravening the UUCA but a deafening silence by MOE.
  5. Is it UiTM enrolment policy not to have international and non-bumiputra students? Yes, so says UiTM VC and the Cabinet (read here and here and here) where they unequivocally reinforce this.  Strangely, if UiTM had already quietly admitted non-bumiputra and international students which can be easily checked out by visiting UiTM campuses, then the policy is not quite what we are hearing in the papers.  I see this as a confused state of affairs where nobody seems to know for sure what the enrolment policy is.  Perhaps the enrolment policy may be different from the enrolment practice.  So what is the protest about again?

I don’t know why there are many Malaysians who react like this without finding out the facts and deciding carefully on the positions to take rather than apparently following blindly into protests.  Are there people instigating the students?  After 51 years of independence, we seem to have many people who have yet to grow up.

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2 Comments to “Questions from UiTM Incident”

  1. bravo! bravo! my chinese cousin who pay big amount of tax yearly have portion in this U but he send his kids to Australia…. so pitty

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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