Sony Ericsson X1 – A Sexy Body

A sneak preview of the X1

Meeting the X1 the other day was really cool especially when it was a secret one.  A peek at his body showed an incredibly strong frame.  After all, it’s stainless steel.  Reminded me of Superman, the man of steel.  In X1, of stainless steel.  The cool steel has a robust feel in the palm although a tad heavier than normal.  Steel caged frame in PDAs is a rarity actually.  The classier ones were made of expensive aluminium but they were softer.  Once dropped, you get a permanent dent.  In the case of X1, you can throw it at a robber and will still be intact.

The X1 is actually quite a nice size.  Spotting a 3-inch screen, the overall body structure is very slim indeed.  It fits snuggly in my palm and remains comfortable in my grip holding in portrait format.  It’s not too big to place to my ear as a phone.  Of course, using a bluetooth headset resolves the size problem.

The stainless steel frame can be better seen where it holds the keyboard.  It’s a firm structure where it gives confidence to the hardiness of the device.

X1 classic Sony Ericsson styling back

If you are into cool steel feel, the X1 is the device not to be missed.  All other PDA phones out there have a plastic base and in a way, make it a bit cheap in feel.  Others have a bit more rubbery feel to avoid a slip out of your hands.  Either way, manufacturers are having a challenge to minimize cost and maximize the quality of the body.  It’s always hard to come out with an exquisite looking and lasting body that’s within the manufacturing budget.  Always a trade off.

So for now, I can safely tell you that the X1 has a firm and sexy stainless steel body that is trademark in some of the Sony Ericsson handphone models.  The back of the X1 looks very much like a classic SE handphone.  No doubt the spread of stainless steel is all over the device.

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