Check if your feces are healthy!

UPDATED: Learn more about what your feces can tell you concerning your health!  General questions about your feces, questions about floating stools as well as being able to correlate the color of your feces to your health all found here.  I suppose this can be called your One-Stop Sh*t Shop! 😉

This is a very good and fun check that you can do on a daily basis.  It’s gonna transform your excretion habits to always check what was unloaded to determine if you have possible unhealthy signs.  I guess it’s kinda hard to figure out the weight of your feces though.  If you find a way to estimate it, do share. 😉

Click on the image for a larger view

For more information on the health of your feces, read here.  For a more indepth study about being able to correlate the color of your stools to your health and believe me, it’s much more an eye opener than this one,  read that here – not for the faint hearted and after food reading though.  It’s a more serious piece of sh*t work, pardon the pun!

In one episode of Dr House, he concluded for a fat patient that his floating feces was a result of his eating of hamburgers, meaning fat in the feces, hence, it floats.  Now, is a floating piece good or bad?  This article says:

One wrong idea is that floating stools are caused by an increase in the fat content of the stool. In fact, it is increased gas levels in the stool that makes it less dense and allows it to float.

The mystery of the floating stool solved and Dr House is not always right though he may want us to think so.  Just enjoy the show.  For more discussion on floating stools, read here.  Enjoy! 😉

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