Omnia Prices Coming Down So Soon?

Now available in Malaysia

In my earlier posting of the Omnia (read here), I had predicted the 16GB model to be at RM2,500 and the 8GB model at RM2,300.  It was my wish that the price for the 8GB model would dip below RM2,000.

When it was launched (also previewed at PC Fair earlier this month), the 16GB had a retail price of RM2,999 and the 8GB at RM2,799.  That was merely a brief 2 weeks ago.

The last few days as well as today, I’ve been offered the 16GB Omnia at RM2,799 and I’ve been told that the prices have fluctuated since the launch.  Well, I’m sure at that price, the bluetooth headset would have been optional.  The picture frame was a special gift during the PC Fair preview launch so don’t expect it.  I wonder if the Omnia pouch is included.

Hmm!  I am so surprised that the Omnia is not holding its price for a longer period.  Perhaps, I’m going to be proven right in my earlier predictions as the Omnia prices are falling in that direction and getting closer each week.  Perhaps, the Omnia’s stable price would be at those levels as predicted.  Let’s watch.

Let me clean my crystal ball and look again.  Oops!  I need fresh batteries.  The crystal ball is dark tonight!

Stay tuned!

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3 Comments to “Omnia Prices Coming Down So Soon?”

  1. hey, are you sure the price dropped to below 2.5 k?

    if that’s the case, wow, i’ll actually be able to get it!

    can you keep me updated on any more price drop?

  2. Kel

    The price for 16Gb is around RM2.7k now and 8Gb is RM2.5k. Will the price for Omnia still come down? The answer is YES! Maybe more next month.

  3. My SE is dying. I need substitute before the big-I arrived in Malaysia.

    Oo gadget-god, buy an omnia for me. LOL. I can’t tolerate something lesser than these.

    Ooh spoilt brat. need to be spanked.

    oh please do update when the price drop again. 😛

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