Updated August 2014: Papaya Leaves Juice – Cure for Dengue?



UPDATED 17-August-2014

An article appeared in Free Malaysia Today on the efficacy of papaya leaf juice used for treatment of dengue fever (read here).

A study led by Dr. Soobitha Subenthran and team from the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) in Kuala Lumpur found that Carica papaya leaf extract can assist in increasing platelets in patients with dengue fever.

The team of researchers conducted clinical trials on 288 dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever patients where half were given papaya leaf juice for three days while the other half received standard dengue treatment. These two groups were then constantly monitored and their blood count checked every eight hours for 48 hours.

It was found that the group administered with papaya leaf juice showed a “significant increase” of platelets compared to the group under the standard dengue treatment procedure.

Prof. Dr. Saringat Haji Baie from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang also strongly supported IMR’s findings.

“It is not merely a traditional belief, but a proven cure as I have tried it on my own son when he fell victim to dengue recently. Many people are taking it and although not scientifically proven, it works,” said the professor.


These are a few cases with regards to patients recovering from dengue fever. I received this from friends who have been getting such emails from internet postings. This disease is carried by the Aedes mosquito and there are many cases reported in Malaysia in recent years. The disease is very alarming and patients basically have to fight for themselves. To learn more about dengue fever, read here.


A friend of mine had dengue last year. It was a very serious situation for her as her platelet count had dropped to 28,000 after 3 days in hospital and water started to fill up her lungs. She had difficulty in breathing. She was only 32-year old. Doctor said there’s no cure for dengue. We just had to
wait for her body immune system to build up resistance against dengue and fight its own battle. She already had 2 blood transfusions and all of us were praying very hard as her platelet continued to drop since the first day she was admitted.

Fortunately her mother-in-law heard that papaya juice would help to reduce the fever and got some papaya leaves, pounded them and squeeze the juice out for her. The next day, her platelet count started to increase, her fever subsided. We continued to feed her with papaya juice and she recovered after 3 days!!! Amazing but it’s true. I found that it’s also good when one is having sore throat.

Please spread the news about this as lately there are many dengue cases. It’s great if such natural cure could help to ease the sufferings of dengue patients. Furthermore it’s so easily available. Blend them and squeeze the juice! It’s simple and miraculously effective!!


I would like to share this interesting discovery from a classmate’s son who has just recovered from dengue fever. Apparently, his son was in the critical stage at the ICU when his blood platelet count dropped to 15 after 15 liters of blood transfusion.

His father was so worried that he sought another friend’s advice and his son was saved. He confessed to me that he give his son raw juice of papaya leaves. From a pallet count of 45 after 20 liters of blood transfusion,
after drinking the raw papaya leaf juice, his pallet count jumped instantly to 135. Even the doctors and nurses were surprised. After the second day he was discharged. He asked me to pass this good news around.

Accordingly it is raw papaya leaves, 2 pieces just cleaned, pounded and squeezed with filter cloth. You will only get one tablespoon per leaf. So two tablespoons per serving once a day. Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water, it will lose its strength. Only the leafy part and no stem or sap. It is very bitter and you have to swallow it like ‘Wong Low Kat’. But it works.

Note: Papaya juice is believed to increase the white blood cells count in the body. There is no scientific proof for this though. If you have experienced recovery from taking papaya leave juice, do drop me a comment to share with others here.

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122 Responses to “Updated August 2014: Papaya Leaves Juice – Cure for Dengue?”

  1. I think I believe what miracle the papaya leave can do. Just say I have personal experience. I encounter few dengue cases that the patient are cure by drinking either raw or boil papaya leave.

    not scientific proofs why it happen but It really work.

  2. One of my student suffered from Dengue, when he came back to college he told me he had dengue and his Platelet count increased and he was cured.

    He told me he used raw papaya leave juice a few tea spoons per day.

    This was more than a year ago and now my brother in law is suffering from the same and his count also increase in one day from 8000 to 11000. But he’s still in ICU.
    Prayers needed.

  3. Faraz

    I do pray that your brother-in-law will recover. I understand that the papaya leaves remedy here helps increase platelets but the recovery now left to his body now.

  4. It works…. yes it works. I have tried on a few patients. The platelets increased. For that matter anything bitter is good for health. There is no harm in trying though it has not been proven scientifically yet. As long long as plants are not poisonous, consuming them in any form will not harm your body.

    • Dear Dr. Tambi,

      May i know, do you the data for dengue patient who drink papaya juice leaves?

      For your information, now im doing research about papaya leaves toxicology and i need some information about this. I need to interview the person who are taking papaya juice leaves. So far i have found a lot of testimony about the claim but cannot prove it.No scientifically claim and study. Kindly advise.


      • dear Siti,

        I now have denge and plan to take the papaya leaf juice. I will tell you the result.

        Yesterday, I had high fever. With a hunch that I have denge I went to the hospital for a complete blood count.

        I then proceeded to the emergency room and ask a tornequet testing from the nurses. The result was positive. I did not have myself admitted because my intension was to go to a famous doctor here in Zambales who has a vaccine for denge. His brother a scientist was the one who discovered it.

        I have proven it to be effective because when my daughter had denge he also administered shots 2x for 3 consecutive days and denge was cured. So I had my first shot this morning.

        Never the less I intend to try the papaya juice because according to the doctor the denge virus is at its peak during menstruation, in which I happen to have since last night.



      • Hi,
        I am a doctor in a research department. I am hoping to do some clinical research on papaya leaf for dengue. Can I have the results of your toxicology study to support my research?

    • sir..if you dont mind may i seek for a help regarding about my report entitled the antihelmintic property of papaya leaf extract..would you mine to give me some information?,,tnx

      • good day i am a nursing student from cavite state university philippines, we are putting up a study about the miracles of papaya leaf extract to cure dengue. I have tried it before and my brother, who is a nurse to. We both suffered from dengue 2 years ago and we tried it. Now my groupmates are now trying to come up with scientific basis of its affect and we found out that one of its contraindications are aspirin which is a blood thiner (anti coagulant) this means it has a scientific basis on how it affects our platelet count. It is a good start

      • i am also doing a research on the effectivity of papaya leaves on the increasing platelet count.. please give me some information to support my study. thanks!

      • salam i want to do research on active component of papaya leaves that helps in dengue fever.can u help me?

    • Yes, i really believe the miracle of papaya leaves. Last January 2010, my daughter suffered from dengue (hemorrhagic), her platelet count goes down to 30 and she already had internal bleeding and has had difficulty breathing. We already reach 5 bags of blood for her transfusion but her platelet count is still very low. I ask help from my cousin in our hometown who told me to let my daughter drink the juice of the papaya leaves. I don’t know what is it in that leaves that it really helps to increase the platelet count of my daughter and also with the help of our prayers…2 days after, we are discharge from the hospital, which i did not expect it.

  5. i am anu…read this

    • Dear Anu,

      I am ratty.

      Do you believe that almost all drugs are plant derived. The first task of the group of Europeans who follwed the army were physicians and pharmacists to collect information fro herbal physicians about native medical prescriptions.
      About 60% of all western drugs are plant derived and an equal figure is man made by modifying them chemically to enhance the activity.

      So papaya is a potential medicianl plant capable of increasing platelets in blood.


  6. I’ve heard about papaya leaves can cure some disease from one of my friend.

    My father is having liver canser right now and I tried papaya leaf soup for him. I hope he can get better.

    But I don’t know where can I buy papaya leaves in
    Canada? Any suggestion? Send me an email if anyone knows please.

    Thank you!

  7. Yes, I received a couple of emails from my friends. This item has been circulating around the net for quite a while.

    I just do not know how reliable is the info.

  8. I believe the phytonutrients (plant chemicals) from fresh leaves and fruits are the ones strengthening the immune system to fight the virus.

    However I will bet that no hospitals or drug companies will be interested to use this as a cure let alone promote it – no vaccine, no patent, no profits. Just look at diabetes, high dosage of vitamin C and Omega3 has been proven to reverse diabetes type 2, but these are not as profitable as diabetes drugs.

  9. Yes, I have a proven case that papaya leaves juice improved the platelet count.

  10. is it true that papaya leaves can cure dengue fever??if its true can you tell me how to do it??

    • So far I have not seen any evidence but the doctors I know including those who commented here appear to remain positive to the efficacy of papaya leaves for dengue fever. Whatever it is worth, do so at your own risk. Share your experience here if you do. Good luck.

      • I would like to share my own personal experience. My platelet count went down to 4,000 and i was in ICU. The doctor was going to go ahead with blood platelet transfusion if the next blood test shows further decline. A friend (who had hereself just recovered from dengue after taking papaya leaf juice, based on friends’ recommendation) made and brought some for me at the hospital. I drank half of it that night and the rest early next morning just before the next blood test. The result showed my platelet count had gone up to 10,000. I was out of ICU several hours later and was discharged from hospital after a few days.

      • I’ve a baby boy (1 Year 5 months)who have to go for platelet transfusion once a week because his platelet count is under 10. He also need for blood transfusion once in two/three weeks. The doctor said my baby boy is having a plastic anemia. Just want to make sure is it safe to give my baby boy the papaya leaf juice?

  11. Yes, papaya leave juice really worked for my brother who had dengue just about 2 weeks ago. His platelet count was down to 16000, was critical for his age 74 yrs. His blood count went up after taking the juice. The doctors prepared us for the worst. It was really scary!

    Please pass on this information.

    • It’s true! My brother had dengue for the 2nd time and we gave him papaya leaves extract – pounded and squeezed through a thin cloth with hands. The following day his platelet count went up. we continued giving him the extract, 2 tablespoons per day and he got well on the 3rd day. this may not have an approval from the professionals but you can try it – who knows? there are already plenty of testimonials around from real people who have experienced it to believe. Good luck!

  12. Just one comment, though. . . papaya leaves are very dangerous for pregnant (and possibly nursing) women. I don’t know if they help dengue or not, but pregnant women should not eat papaya leaves, as it can hurt their babies.

    Here in Bolivia, people eat papaya/ ground papaya seeds to kill intestinal parasites. I don’t know if it works, but people say it does.

  13. My husband is still in hospital, but he is on the path of recovery from dengue. Since I had already heard of this papaya leaf remedy, i decided to immediately give it a try very early on upon his discovery of the fever. Although the platelet count went lower after that, i strongly believe that it helped prevent it from going to dangerous levels. 2 days after that his platelet level shot up to 109,000. Tomorrow the doctor says he most likely will be discharged. Thanks so much to God and his miraculous wonders of nature.

    But I was wondering if anyone else who consumed papaya leaf juice, had the same side effect, which is mild diarrhoea?

  14. I hope that all the sufferers get well.
    All seem to overlook the fact that blood transfusions increase the platelet count. The Maxim is try everything as long as it does not damage the patient. Medication does not cure it only aids the body’s natural immune system and curing capabilities. Most drugs come from natural sources and are then synthesized to control quality and increase production if the drug companys could find a cures easily they would save the millions spent on on research. Prayers help the people who care for the sufferers, not necessarily the sufferers. perhaps better than a cure by prayer would be not to catch dengue fever in the first place. Do not forget that the Aedes mosquito is also one of Gods creatures.

    • Dear Sir,

      Thanking you for your kind suggestion regarding treatment related to papapaya leave juice consumption to increase blood platelet count.

    • Will you listen to your self? Try not to catch dengue? How in the name of all that is real can you even make such a statement. Do you think people go out hoping to get this? Please do not make such ridiculous statements it only shows your ignorance.

  15. Respected Sir,

    May i know for how many days the papaya leaves juice to consumed to increase platelet counts in blood. And also let me know what is the indian name for pegaga leaves.

    Thanking You .

  16. Does anybody know if drink from boiled papaya leaf will help cancer patient?
    Jessie, your dad has liver cancer. I wonder if you manage to give him the boiled papaya leaf drink?
    The reason for asking is my dad has lung cancer. And, I am giving the boiled papaya leaf drink too. I don’t if it work or not. But I am giving just because of article I read. I don’t know how true it is.
    Anyway, out there knows the effect of boiled papaya leaf drink on cancer?

    • Please check google for very good articles on cancer curring properties in Sour Sop and Lemon Grass. The information may be helpful to search for a natural remedy to fight cancer cells.

  17. is it really effective? we have dcided to conduct a research study on papaya extract as a natural remedy for dengue fever 😉 hope u guyz can help us out

  18. yes this is true papaya leaf can really increase the platelet, i tried it when my wife has a dengue, minutes after she take the pure sticky extracts of the papaya leafs her palatelet increase and her dengue was gone. wow.

  19. Hello All,

    I am staying in Bangalore, two days back my younger brother came and said he is having fever from last few days checked for Malaria and got negative, now he is admitted to CMH hospital, and today i got to know he is suffering from DENGUE, please let us know which is the best hospital in bangalore to cure this and can i give him PAPAYA leaves Juice as doc said nothing to feed him even water and food.

    I appreciate your help in advance.

    You can email me at pradeepsharma.be@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot

  20. i have also been cured by papaya leaves they increased my platelet count and the doctor had advised them.thanks to u for sharing this info on net

  21. my sister is 7th month pregnant and her platlets are not recovring … doct suggested for crotison…

    pls pls ne1 can confirm can she take papaya leaves juice 2 tbs… pls pls let me know she is not well nd platlest were 17000 initially now its btw 30000 to40000. alreay transfusioned 3 mega units but no good recovery….

    pls help me out…

  22. prenant women can hav papaya juice pls let me knw?

    • Please refer to J.’s posting above:

      March 10, 2009 at 8:37 pm · Edit

      Just one comment, though. . . papaya leaves are very dangerous for pregnant (and possibly nursing) women. I don’t know if they help dengue or not, but pregnant women should not eat papaya leaves, as it can hurt their babies.


      Please get professional advice from your physician. The information and opinions posted here is intended solely for sharing of experiences and cannot replace your physician’s advice.

      Although there may be doctors commenting, they are not doing so in their professional capacity but their personal views.

    • I had my second though about it but can you please site some reason for us to be more aware about that issue.
      Do acknowledge as you read my reaction and don’t be hesitate to reply as well as in my office email address below after my name, for my easy access of your reply.


      Yours’ in Health.
      Rowena Cabillar of Healthway Medi-access

  23. i wholely agree that papaya’s leaves juice can cure not only dengue…chikungunya also…
    my bro, sister and me were also a chikungunya case for 1 week…fever was high n rashes all over…my bro was admitted to the hospital…he was more serious and the fever was still high….the patient beside my bro was also admitted for the same illness…her mum told my mum that by taking juice extracted from the papaya’s leaves could cure my bro…my mum did so to my bro,sis n me…he was on the juice for 2 days and subsequently his fever subsided immediately…he was discharge the very next day….i and my sis drank the juice too…we all recovered after two days also…although the juice was very bitter…but it is really a miracle cure…Do believe it! the juice can be taken two or three times a day in a small amount…. since nowadays there are so many dengue n chikungunya cases, pls spread the word around to help the others…thanx

  24. well myself today has been confirmed wit dengue fever…i forced them discharge me n came back home.i just took 2tea spoon of papaya leave juice.i feel like dizzy a bit..dono yet wat gona happen after this..but this morn reading shows my white cell count was 75,000….will go for another blood test 2moro morn..will keep on updating..

  25. I had no doubt about the miraculous of papaya,but in a certain reason I believe it will be more effective base in the place where the tree is located. Since sub soil give’s certain minerals that cause the healthy effect.

    Please do justify my opinion about this topic and I respectfully appreciate it. Don’t be hesitate to email me even in my office email address located below after my name.


    Yours in Health.
    Rowena Cabillar of Healthway Medi-access

  26. My son, Dimitthri was hospitalized with Dengue fever about a week ago. His blood count drop to 63 while in hospital and at that point we gave him Papaya leaf drink. Next day his blood count increased to 96. I don’t know if this is a coincident but I feel that there is some truth in it. What ever it is, there is no harm in trying and you have nothing to loose.

    Dammika, Colombo Sri Lanka

  27. My son aged 5 1/2 was asked to be admitted to hospital after his blood test. Before entering him I gave him juice from Papaya leaves. The very next test itself had improved and we were discharged. By the time the blood report for dengue( it takes few days for confirmation) came he was fine. So if platelet count is low I suggest why not take it. Nothing harmful..

  28. There are many medicine doctors prescribe that has no scientific basis. For an example, Mefanamic Acid Tablets, or Ponston is the pain-killer given for Menstrual pain. But there is no scientific explanation on how it works! But woman take it over the counter..

    T.H.C (a plant extract) is a painkiller given for many ailments including AIDS and Cancer patients. The complete bio-mechanism of T.H.C (or Marinol) is not discovered yet.

    Marmite is a food supplement made out of yeast, and it is found to be helpful in recovering from Malaria. But still nobody knows how it works to help in the recovery process. Still, some doctors recommend Marmite for physically weak patients in the process of recovering from Malaria.

    There are so many examples of profound medicine that are not scientifically proven. This is the Bigotry of Allopathic medical doctors without much general knowledge or common sense and possess only the knowledge of the books.

    If it just works, what else!? Science is all about Experimenting, observation and conclusion. When there are enough evidences who want to know all the details of how it works, while it could be useful in a dire necessity. It should not come inside a pill to save a life!

  29. Last year one of my close friends was diagnosed with dengue and was confined.

    After i prayed to God for guidance, he lead me to an internet article about papaya leave extract as immunity booster (a case in india). Without hesitation I bought papaya leaves and FORCED my friend to drink it!

    Next day.. she was discharged! I praise God for the guidance despite she said .. it taste like #@$#$% heheheheheh..


  31. my sister was also diagnosed with stage 2 dengue and her platelet count dropped to 28, a family friend from roxaz city told us about the papaya leaves. at first we thought it was just another wonder stories abt miracle leaves to cure dengue. however, we have no other choice but to try the papaya recipe since we have consumed 12 units of platelet concentrate already and still here platelet counts still continue to drop drastically.

    immediately, we gathered young papaya leaves and pounded it to squeeze the juice. it was a 2 tablespoonful papaya juice recipe given to my sister and it was amazing, her platelet count rebounded and rose steadily the following day. we only spent four days in the hospital and the doctor gave us a go signal that her platelet count has already stabilized.

    may i therefore recommend to try the papaya recipe…. it helps

  32. We live in Venezuela where there is often very high incidences of dengue. Both types.
    Our son was seven years old when he had his first infection of dengue and thankfully he recovered but not after high doctors bills and several weeks of desperation. Then not more then eight month later he contracted it again. This time the symtoms were much worse. He was actually near death and in shear desperation we turned to the internet where my wife read about papaya leaf juice. We went and got the leaves and crushed them and squeezed the bitter juice out hurring to give him a spoonfull. In four or five hours he started to feel better and then his fever went aways and his stomach felt better and he was able to eat. He came down wfrom the upstairs and began to play with his cars. Well, the joy was unbeilvable with all of us. And the cost. FREE. Scientists are mostly full of their own crap. God has provided us with his real medicines and we just have to go back to our roots and re discover the natural way to heal. This medicine is now what we recomend. Unfortuantely last week one of our friends lost their nine year old son to dengue. They never told us he was sick with dengue. Now they have just buried him… I am sure we coud have saved him with the juice. The pain is great when you know there is a cure so easily obtained but so few know about it and even more just beleive in the pharmists and drug doctors.
    Papaya leaf juice should be on the front line fight against dengue.

  33. hello all
    my brother is sufring from dengue fever its been 4 days his platlest count is 39000.someone tells me about papaya leaves yesterday.today he drink papaya leave extract 2 time morning & night.tomarrow he is going to visit his doctor..
    please pray for him….

  34. Can you please fast tell from which places do we get the papaya leaves. Actually my brother got dengue fever so i kneed to know fast! only 20,000 is there. that’s why.

    • I just got my platelet count back to normal; yet to recover fully from the dengue fatigue though. The least recorded was 28, 000. Was admitted in ICU. I don’t know which medicines really helped but I had tried Giloe (Tinospora cordifolia) juice, papaya juice and some homeopathic medicine. The count began to rise within 24 hours.
      My advice, the moment you suspect dengue (high fever, body ache, severe head ache, giddiness etc.), start taking 4 to 5 liters of water/ fluid etc. per day and take COMPLETE rest.

  35. Hey jaanvi you are in which city??

  36. Papaya during pregnancy is harmful and can cause mis carriage however its not scientifically proved.

  37. My brother-in-law was suffering from malaria parasisities and platelet count was 15000 3 days back. He was provided with platelet mega and count was reduced to 14000. Next day, we gave him this juice and his count incresed to 28,000. Next day upon a further dose it recorded 47,000. Today the doc said he may be released from hospital tomorrow.,INSHALLAH.

  38. In past week my brother in law suffering from dangu fever, has 61000 platelet count. he was hospitelised, we gave papaya jues 2tps+giloy’s kadha 3tps+aleo vera jues3tps, morning(KHALI PET) and evening( 1 hr. before dinner). His platelet count goes up per day as per recoreded91000,88000,100000,1o7000 and after 3days 3o8000.Dr.decleared he is OK.

  39. hi everyone,im very happy to share my experience about the leaves. this is not a dengue situation but
    urinary tract effection (uti) did you know thats papaya leaves is a good cure ? try it its the best!

  40. I am from Karachi, Pakistan.Papaya juice was highly effective in increasing my low platelet to normal in 3 days during a degue attack on me. I have no side-effects from taking papaya juice…2 tablespoonful per day.

  41. as told,papaya leaf juice helps in chikun gunya,so can we store leaves in fridge and can use from it,or have to get daily fresh from trees.

  42. My daughter Sneha was suffering from dengue.Her platelet count was 72000.She was also having petechial haemorrhage.I gave her juice of papaya leaf and found that platelet count increased to 144000 in 24 hours.Now she is out of danger and discharged from hospital.

    Dr.Ashok Kumar
    Date- 19.11.2010

  43. Salam can u tell me how papaya leaves work in dengue fever

  44. good day…
    yup it works….one of my frnd ws havin dengue n after havin papaya leaves his platelets count were incresd..
    n em a nursin student i advice it to many of people they tried it nd it realy works

  45. my younger brother contracted what we believe and all the the docs and nurses believe is dengue fever but after almost a week in hospital they r yet 2 confirm it. today my mom was told by a friend of hers about the use of the paw paw leaves 4 this virus. so i looked online to see how 2 prepare it properly and got my 2 paw paw leaves and extracted d juice as directed. After my mom frantically called me to get d leaves i carried d juice to my brother at d hospital today. so i will be doing an update on his condition soon. By God’s grace and mercy i believe he will get better.

    • after almost a whole week of fever and 3 days in the hospital, my brother was discharged from hospital today after 2 doses of the paw paw leaves juice. his fever was gone by morning and he was discharged later on that day. before his platelet level had dropped as well and was continuing to do so until i brought d juice 4 him. it seems like it really works. he’s still on d road 2 recovery bcus he has 2 build back himself but at least d high fever was gone. thank God!!!

  46. We experienced this, my son got hospitalized due to dengue… and even my wife… but when my wife was in the hospital we were advised by a friend to boil fresh papaya leaves and take it like a tea (hot) or juice (cold) and after taking it least 2-3 glass of it her platelet count were miraculously shoot up… and have not return to the hospital after that.

  47. My mom got high fever since yesterday n rashes, headache n body pain. I just made two tablespoons of raw papaya leaves juice for her. I believe our Creator has prepared remedies for us in our surrounding plants in case we didn’t take care of ourselves well n get sick. Will update on her condition soon.. May God bless all of u here n remember to pray to Him anytime, anywhere n u shall find Him n miracles 🙂

  48. My son currently have symptoms of dengue fever, headache, abdominal pain, muscle pain, vomiting and nausea is also the experience, the doctor said positively that he symptoms of dengue, since dropping her platelet the third day of his fever, but the beginning of fever I give him raw papaya leaf juice of 3 to 4 table spoon, to maintain his platelet. and it is very effective, because I tested it since last year, When my other son is also had a dengue fever …………

  49. Asslam-o-Alikum
    i want papaya leaves , my father is in ICU , he is suffering from dengue virus , plz plz plz plz -plz help me , please i request you all , plz provide me papaya leaves , i will b very thank full to you
    my contact number is 0321-4352442 zubair naeem

  50. It works for cancer patients as well.
    one i know who have platelet count of 50 ,3 days later when using 2 tablespoon of the juice a day
    got platelet count of 150 ,after 4 more days 200.

  51. Dengue is not as dangerous as it might seem or as is the popular belief made by the media.

    It is curable & treatable. The mortality rate is very low around 2.5% which in fact can happen with almost any disease with any kind of flu, fever, malaria, allergy, or any other mild, ordinary & normal disease. So there shouldn’t be much scare and its treatment should be carried out with a simple regimen, and God willing, one is cured in ten to twelve days, though preferably more rest for to three weeks should taken even after the cure.

    Take two table spoonful juice of Papaya leafs once everyday. To make it more palatable & tasteful add half teaspoonful honey & another quarter teaspoonful of lemon juice. One leaf gives off one tablespoonful juice. So two fresh leaves are needed everyday. The extracted juice can be stored in the fridge for two to three days but its preferable to take the fresh leaves juice everyday. To take out the juice just cut the stem & throw it away & then cut the leaf into small pieces & extract juice by using the juicer machine. If you are diabetic don’t take the honey, lemon juice should be enough or you may add anything else which you are allowed to take as diabetic patient.

    Take Vitamin C in form of tablets, orange juice, tomatoes & other things which contain Vitamin C.

    Take 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.

    Take normal but light food, like cereals, vegetables, fruits etc.

    Take rest for 3 to four weeks.

    Get the blood tested every second day to see if the platelet count is improving.

    Normally the platelet count will increase by 15,000 to 20,000 everyday.

    Once the platelet count comes up to 200,000 to 250,000 you may stop taking the papaya juice but you may continue for a week or so more. Normally this level of platelet count will be reached in seven to ten days or so.

    The normal platelet count is 150,000 to 450,000 in a healthy person.

  52. Can anyone tell me from where i can get Papaya leaves in KL, Malaysia? Please i really need it for my friend.
    Thanks alot

    • Salam,
      Yesterday , I have been diagnosed with Dengue Positive
      Today i have taken 1 shot of Papaya leaf extract (1 Tablespoon).
      I hope my Platelates count would go up inshallah.
      Thanks for everyone for these postings.
      Salam Haleema,
      What i can do is to send you leaves by courier, however i strongly suggest that you should check it in any fruit shops in Malaysia and i am sure you will find it.
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  53. papaya leaf saved my life. i has dengue almost 3 wks ago. my platelet dropped to 55. i was afraid of having blood transfusion. but because of drinking 2 tsp of papaya leaf extract twice a day, i don’t have to undergo blood transfusion. after 4days, i was discharged of the hospital. thanks to papaya leaf!

  54. I heard that papaya leaves juice is great for treating low platelets caused by dengue fever. However does anyone have any experience in using papaya leave juice to treat ITP patients? ITP is a blood disorder where the body’s antibody attacks the blood platelets.

    Further has anyone used papaya leaves juice on a child as young as 3 years old + ? Any side effects as I read that papaya leaves could be toxic (???)

  55. I m in hospital day before yesterday my platelets were 50000 and now tey r 39000 plz tell me how to make juice of papaya leaves and the proportion to take it…… Plz

  56. Plz inform me on chirag.chaware@gmail .com or surajshirsat1@gmail.com

    • There is not proven prescription. Many says to grind 1 to 2 teaspoons from all the comments below. This is not a doctor’s recommendation but if you do try, hope it works for you.

      Take care!

      • Four years ago a friend informed me about the efficacy of fresh papaya leaves juice extract when my two sons had dengue simultaneously. They were both in the hospital and I was so worried as I do not want blood transfusion for them at a very young age 17 and 15. I gave them one tablespoon of the extract that night and the following day their platelet shoot up so my eldest avoided blood transfusion as his platelet was already down to 40k that morning. After 2 days we checked out of the hospital. After 4 years my 2nd son has dengue again and now in the hospital. I gave him one tbsp and I will know by tom if his platelet count will increase from 57k this morning.

        M. Francisco
        Nov 30 2011

  57. We’re conducting an investigatory project about this thing- the effectivity of raw papaya leaves extract on the increasing of platelet count. And we used the extract in feeding the rabbits. And it really did increase. We just need support informations about papaya leaves for our coming defense. Thanks a lot!

  58. Thanks to this site. My son have 2 bags of tranfusion diagnosed to have dengue with Utinary Track Infection. the other day he has 40 blood count and got his 1st bag of transfusion since his liver was affected already. he also started taking milk with colostrum. the nxt day he got 39 platelet count and got his second bag of transfusion and read this blog and immidiately gave him bout 7 ml of papaya leaf juice after he have the transfusion around 7 pm. the nxt day (today this morning) platelet count went to 164 and the doctor said he can be discharge. Truly this is a wonderful, amazing pice of nature that should be shared by the medical organization, but i doubt they will not share it cos they cant make money out of it. The leaf contains beta-carotene, calcium, carpaine, fats, flavonols, niacin, papain, tannins, and vitamin C (in higher concentration in the leaf than in the fruit). from webmd Papain is used for pain and swelling (inflammation) as well as fluid retention following trauma and surgery. It is used as a digestive aid and for treating parasitic worms, inflammation of the throat and pharynx, shingles (herpes zoster) symptoms, ongoing diarrhea, hay fever, runny nose, and a skin condition called psoriasis. Papain is also used along with conventional treatments for tumors. Papain is also found in the fruit of papaya as well.
    ACCORDING TO WEBMD: Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Taking papain by mouth during pregnancy is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. There is a concern that it might cause birth defects or miscarriage. Not enough is known about the safety of using papain during breast-feeding. Don’t use it if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

    Jan 8,2012

  59. I presently have a decreasing platelet count. I am scared, I will try the paw paw leaf juice. I hope and pray it will work.

    • Bobby

      I hope you get better. By the way, it’s PAPAYA LEAF you should be looking for. There are many people who can attest to its efficacy.

      Good luck.

  60. This is a very efective medecine for all of us. I would like to know much about this medecine If u know more facts about the sciencetific side of this , please sent them to may email address : gimila1996@gmail.com

    • Unfortunately, there is little scientific research done on papaya leaf efficacy.

      Perhaps the great pharmaceutical companies will find their profits impacted if such research can prove the value of the papaya leaf.

      Hopefully, someone will do it one day soon.

  61. Where can I obtain paw paw leaves from?

  62. Can papaya leave juice treat diabetes type 2. How should it be taken.

  63. Thank u for ur info I will get back 2 u

  64. I was a dengue patient before and was discharged from the hospital after consuming it in less than 24hrs. After what happened, I found this research article from Elselvier’s Asia Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine 2011 (http://apjtb.com/zz/aug/18.pdf) which proves papaya leaves’ effectiveness. I also found another scientific article that support the effectiveness of papaya leaves at http://irep.iium.edu.my/7613/1/How_2_cope_wth_dengue.pdf.

    Hope this helps those who need assurance about the effectiveness of this herbal remedy.

  65. my dad at the age of 65 got dengue. at that age immune is very hard to recover. at lowest platlet dropped to 6 or 16 i cant rmbr. dad complaint he couldnt sleep in hospital as the neighbouring patient passed away one by one in his two days stay there. so third day we did everything to get him home and lucky that we had did that, mum learnt that papaya leave could save life from denggue and started to blend it. unlike the case u mentioned, she actually blend a few leaves rather than just two. and let dad drink a whole glass. and the next follow up in hospital, dad’s platlet count stabilised. but ppl, pls tk care,although dad recovered frm it, he has been vr week since. he claimed that he is easily get tired, and even easily get cold.

  66. I will try this one, be back to you as soon as possible

  67. Can u tell me where u get papaya leaves in Bangalore

  68. will papaya leaf is effective in treating anaemia

    • Hi Ayshi

      Tread with care regarding the medicinal value of papaya leaves. This is not a replacement for medical advice but a collection of experiences and questions by various readers around the world.

      Yes, there are some doctors who have commented but that is in their personal capacity.

      Always consult your physician.

      We are grateful that many testimonies of recovery from dengue might have resulted from taking papaya leaf extracts. Perhaps there is yet hope for those contracting dengue all over the world. God has his ways of providing healing.

  69. I am vksk.senthilkumar from coimbatore,Tamilnadu.I gave two teaspoons of Papaya leaf juice to my nephew Mayur Siddharth whos’s plalet came down to 40 next day it raised to 90.He is admitted in KMCH hospital he is recovering.For reducing body and joint pain and speed recovery drumstick leaf soup helps a lot

  70. Pawpaw leaf is good. I have used it to cure malaria. Take advantage of pawpaw its a free healing tree from God. Every bit of it heals. I used the sead to cure typhoid, when i went back to the hospital for a recheck the typhoid was all gone.

    Editor: Readers are reminded that such comments come from unknown sources and as such, needs to be verified. Please consult your doctor on such matters before trying any suggestions. TQ.

  71. My wife has been using papaya leaf juice for 2 days after being advised for dengue treatment with a low count of platelet 90,000.She had been laid up with mild fever,muscle pain,back pain,.strong headache ,vomiting and severe fatigue for a week.She has been given 2 teaspoons of papaya leaf juice twice a day along with prescribed medication(ceftax200,becoscule,rabemac) at home.On the second day wbc count increased from 3900 to 4100 and platelet count increased from 90,000 to 94,000.On the third day it is 4800 WBC and 1,16,000 platelets.We hope things are becoming normal fast.We had got information about papaya treatment from a Malayalam Newspaper (MALAYALMANORAMAin Kerala ,India. For confirmation ,we browsed through the net. We thank all of you who provided such a useful information on the internet
    -C K RADHAKRISHNAN,TEACHER,KERALA,INDIA,http://nssghsskamballur.blogspot.com/

  72. It works for sure. I live in costa rica. I have had dangue 2 times. I wish I knew of the papaya tea before. Last week we had a outbreak here my 10yr old son got dangue. On day 1 I heard about the leaf tea. So I have 9 papaya trees in my yard. So I took 4 leaves washed them chopped them up fine took 1 gal of water put it in a pressure cooker for 1 hr. The water is then a half of a gal. On day 1 at bed time he drank about a half of a cup. On day 2 he drank it in the morning, mid day, and in the eve. On day 3 in the morning he was totally fine back to normal. I am in the process of planting 600 trees and might be making a dangue tea drink on the market for dangue here in central america….

    • hi capt in America/europe they call dengue the nile virus the same syptom only different name
      recently the hospital of Malaya – Kuala Lumpur did a exercise half dengue patient treated with papaya leave juice few teaspoon a day and half treated with western medicine the half with papaya leave heal with 3 days while the other
      half was still trying to be heal. go read the data its really good

  73. Thanks for sharing! It’s always hopeful to dengue fever patients when mentioned raw papaya leaves juice. I gave it to my friend on the first day & second day he was diagnosed with DF, but now it’s the third day and his blood platelet count has not been increased but dropping from 185 to 140 on third day. Is it normal? Anyone experienced this before? How fresh should the juice be served upon processed? I’d appreciate your input if any of you have any. Thanks!

    • Some do have drop in platelet count but will rise back up over the next few days. Most take it freshly pressed, 1 to 2 teaspoonful. However, there is no guarantee. Herbal approach can’t hurt. Consult your physician.

  74. when a doctor give you a medicine we don’t say it’s a miracle, but when it’s from mother nature we scream it’s a miracle?

  75. I have had a repeated cbc for four days, my WBC since day 1 is below normal and my platelet count is decreasing . On the fourth day mother gave me 1/5 cup of papaya leaf juice then the next day my WBC became normal and my platelet count increase to 25000.

  76. hai..im from malaysia…can you advise me where can i get the papaya tea leaf?

  77. Seriously , May and June are not Summers in India , they are more of mosquito season. Specially dengue , a life threatening and life taking disease. Indians still go for home remedies to increase platelet counts rather than going to a doctor, they rely on papaya leaves juice and its really effective as well. It increases the platelets count.


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