Sony Ericsson X1 – Key Features to Oogle

Here's looking at the back

The X1 has a number of key features that you will definitely find very useful and can become possible influencing factors in your buying decision, apart from the very elegant QWERTY keyboard (read here).  In that secret meeting with X1, he showed me all the juicy features that I will share here.  I also got a peek at the X1 Whitepaper that defines the technical features of this baby.

Notably the generous use of metal in a PDA Phone giving it a more expensive look and feel, and obviously the QWERTY keyboard defines the X1 in a different class from the Omnia, iPhone and even the Diamond.  The soon to be launched Touch Pro is probably the one that will give the X1 a good run for the money.  Interestingly, both the X1 and the Touch Pro are made by HTC.  The X1 is believed to have been designed by Sony Ericsson but the Original Device Manufacturer (ODM) is HTC.

The X1's 3.2 Mega Pixel Camera; see the 3.5 inch audio jack protruding on the right edge

Wait!  There’s more of course.  The X1 3.2 Mega Pixel camera is believed to be supplied by Sony Ericsson themselves. This is in keeping the tradition of the cameras of the other Sony Ericsson devices but it’s not the top of the line Carl Zeiss lens in the Sony cameras.  The Omnia clearly beats the X1 in this area giving us a 5 Mega Pixel camera.  The Photo Light is a white LED providing adequate lighting in close proximity photography.  I believe this will progress to a higher capacity LED in future models.

Although Sony Ericsson produces the main chipsets for their other devices, the X1 is powered by the Qualcomm’s latest and most powerful processor at 528 MHz.  This is the processor that HTC uses in all their higher end Windows Mobile devices.  HTC had used the Samsung processor in lower end PDA phones which lagged in their performance.  There is also a Hardware 3D graphics processor in the X1 which will enhance the graphics display performance definitely.

At the top of the X1, you will find a 3.5 mm Audio Jack that will fit your regular headphones.  This gives a broad selection of headsets one can buy in the market, from the snuggly fitted stub headsets to the acoustic headphones.  The X1 is aiming to keep the tradition of the Walkman in providing us with enviable audio pleasure.

The non-standard 3.0 inch WVGA screen

The screen is 3.0 inches, totally non-standard in the Windows Mobile world.  This is not surprising as the earlier P-series had a unique screen form factor too.  The screen resolution at Wide VGA is probably the best in class.  Wide because the standard is 2.8 inches found on the Diamond and also the Touch Pro.  Wide because it gives an excellent 800×480 pixels verses the 640×480 VGA resolution.  The X1 beats the Omnia in this respect given the Omnia’s surprisingly larger screen size at 3.2 inches but at a shocking resolution of Wide QVGA (240×400).  The X1 has close to 4 times the number of pixels over the Omnia.  This means the details of a photo will look much better on the X1.

The X1 boasts the Xperia Panel Concept as an interface enhancement over the standard Windows Mobile interface.  The TouchFlo is HTC’s offering and the TouchWiz UI is the Samsung’s offering in the Omnia.  X1 is not to be left out and the Panel Concept are icon blocks organized in panels that launches specific applications.  Since I didn’t have a closer look at this, I shall not comment until I receive the production set.

X1's well loaded battery, top in its class

One last neat feature is the X1’s well loaded lithium polimer battery rated at 1500 mAh.  It’s one of the biggest battery around.  Depending on how the X1 optimizes in consuming power, this battery can take the X1 a long, long way through the day, perhaps even two.

Yes, there is GPS in the X1.  It’s Quad Band Edge and Tri Band 3G.  It has a QCIF camera for Video Phone sessions.  It plays YouTube video but not DivX like the Omnia.  Guess you can’t have everything in the X1.

I can’t wait for the production ready set to do an in-depth review.   Enough of the teasers for now.  Stay tuned for more when the time comes.

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2 Comments to “Sony Ericsson X1 – Key Features to Oogle”

  1. So when will this phone be out???

  2. Hi Cecilia

    The X1 is expected to be here in late October but my guess is that it will be later than that, probably November more likely.

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