Pematang Pauh Watershed of a New Malaysia?


Anwar (PKR) – 31,195 (66%) – Majority: 15,671 (Wan Azizah polled 13,388 in March GE12)

Arif Shah (BN) – 15,524 (32.8%) (Lost in his Seberang Jaya sector by a large margin)

Hanafi Hamad (AKIN) – 92

Spoilt – 447

Total Electorate – 58,459

Turnout – 80.8% (47,259)

The results were just announce over TV and posted at Malaysia Today here and The Malaysian Insider here too.  So, we can see that the Election Commission earlier announced a “guestimate” instead of being precise about the voters turnout percentage.  Shouldn’t the EC be scientifically and mathematically correct in all their announcements? 

UPDATED 9:54 pm – The latest unofficial results posted here shows that Anwar won by 17,652.  Anwar polled 31,949 over Arif Shah 14,297 votes.  Turnout was 81%.  There were 58,459 voters per the Election Commission’s latest list.  Anwar appears to have polled 69% of all the votes today.

Another report by Global Media Channel Sdn Bhd says that Anwar polled 31,172 over Arif Shah 15,045 (read here or here).

EC just announced that Anwar has polled 23,674 with Arif Shah’s 10,762.  Incidently, Hanafi Hamad polled 72 thus far (source: Bernama).  Counting continues.

What is interesting is the EC’s earlier announcement of 62.25% turnout and the unofficial reports of 81%.  Certainly, time will tell and very soon too who is correct.  How can EC be wrong, right?

UPDATED 7:50 pm The TV media reports updating the count is obviously a mile away from the unofficial reports here and here.  All indications confirm Anwar’s win but it’s the official count that is of interest here.  By what margin will Anwar win over BN given all the delay and defer tactics alleged of BN to deny Anwar his votes.

Continue to watch here and the links provided.

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It’s 4:45pm, 15 minutes before the closing of the by-election and already unofficial news that Anwar is winning has spreaded around the Internet.  Malaysia Today is posting a regular update hereAnil Netto is also posting an on-the-ground update here.

For all the speculation of today’s by-election, it seems inevitable that Anwar will definitely win but by how much is the only question remaining.  Watch and see tonight’s updates.

Seems that Pak Lah has returned to KL which means he has all but given up on the formality of the loss.

Putrajaya is preparing to absorb this loss even as we speak and what is going to be BN’s next steps will be left to be seen.

The apparent result announcement may be around 10pm tonight but as the recent GE12 has shown, the unofficial counting will be posted on the Internet way before that time.

So, brace ourselves for a slew of comments, reports and analysis starting after 5pm around the web.

Stay tuned!

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