After Pematang Pauh, what next?

Now that it is official that Anwar has won yesterday’s mother of all by-elections, what is next?

Parliament awaits him next obviously.  But this is but the beginning of a long road for Anwar.  Nevertheless, it is happening and the reverberations are felt across Malaysia.  Many Malaysians consider this first step the start to a new Malaysia.  But is it?  Will it happen?  What is going to stop it?  Where is Malaysia going next?

When the reality sets in

The adrenalin for the party workers in PKR is still high.  From a political standpoint, the PKR has scored a major victory over the BN and the results show that Anwar’s support has increased regardless of all the mud threw at him.  The sentiments of Malaysians in the GE12 in March was yet shown again by the Pematang Pauh voters which means that the BN has yet to identify and deal with the key issues dampening their forward movement.

Now, Parliament is next when the Speaker will swear in Anwar in due time.  It has been widely speculated that when Anwar returns to Parliament, there will be even more support for him.  This will begin with BN MPs waiting for him in the wings.  Albeit a speculation and the BN would brush that off as a mere political ploy to woo voters, this bold position taken by Anwar must now be re-examined by BN for their sake of existence.

More Obstacles

Will there be obstacles to Anwar returning to Parliament?  Oh yes!  The cloud of sodomy and Saiful to begin with.  We should not be surprised as more obstacles will be thrown at Anwar now in desperate times to prevent him from stepping back into power, the Opposition power.  Let’s watch between now and next week what can and will happen.   Each day is another opportunity for taking Anwar out.  He is a definite threat to the BN, more so now than ever, as he has legitimately won his place in Parliament.

Anwar’s win represents the beginning of the hope he has expounded for Malaysia.  It is most certain that Malaysians are wanting to see that change fast.  Being a great strategist and wiser now, we shall watch the coming days as Anwar will unfold his steps.  We are definitely living in very interesting times.  If the GE12 was our nation’s defining moment, don’t hold your breath as there will certainly be more of such moments to come to bring the Malaysian dream as he defines it to fruition.

Stop Anwar at all costs

Now that Anwar’s position is secure, the BN and in this case, Umno, will want him stopped at all costs because now is a matter of survival.  The implications that Anwar has thown at the BN about what he is going to do to take over the Parliament is now most serious and real and BN and Umno knows that cannot be ignored.  It’s now or never (and I hear Elvis Presley singing in the background).

As Malaysians, we should celebrate Merdeka Day and give thanks that there is democracy still at play.  The world is also watching every step of the way and that probably gave the sanctity of vote to Pematang Pauh.

September 16 and Sarawak?

Will September 16 happen?  Probably not yet.  Can it happen?  In politics, I’ve been adviced by a wise gentleman that anything can happen.  Although the BN has put on a bold front to brush that aside, even Mahathir has said that it is possible and adviced against ignoring this.  The PKR has already put forth what they think they might do before the Pematang Pauh by-elections.  Can they execute it?  Can Anwar get the number of MPs needed to turn the tide?

Anwar will be successful with the MPs in West Malaysia.  Anwar will be successful with the MPs in Sabah.  But what is Anwar going to do with the MPs in Sarawak, the last frontier to come forward to even signal a possible collaboration with Anwar?  Sarawak is BN’s last bastion, so to speak.  This is something to watch closely now.  What is Anwar and Sarawak’s play now that Anwar is legitimately back in Parliament?

Will it be soon?

Don’t hold your breath.  Anything can happen and Anwar has just started a possible tsunami that can turn Malaysia into a new Malaysia as he declared.  And watch what ingenuity is thrown against Anwar from hereon!

There are many people who wants to see Anwar make good on his strategy fast.  But what is about to happen, if it happens, are all defining moments and has never happened before.  So all the more exciting times ahead and we are talking days and months.

And meanwhile, there’s lots for BN to do to prop up the country for real and give Malaysians a reason to think about their ability to govern again.  And the time for BN to do their magic to win the voters back is NOW!  Else they will only be harping as the Opposition party if Anwar gets his way. With the Umno, MCA and Gerakan party voting coming around, Pematang Pauh will surely haunt them and nobody will be looking after the country yet again!

Time will surely tell.

Let’s celebrate Merdeka for now!

Together with all Malaysians, we stand tall and proud of our country!  Bring out that flag and fly it high!


Stay tuned!

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