Anwar and September 16 – A date with hope?

Anwar had the audacity to link September 16 (Malaysia Day) with his political agenda for the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to assume the mantle to form the new government of Malaysia.  The critical link is Anwar’s ability to obtain committed support from at least 30 MPs to join Pakatan Rakyat in some way.  The SMS rumors are rife.  The speculations are growing.  The BN Backbenchers Club (BNBC) are “inviting” all “interested” 75 member MPs to a study trip possibly down under (Australia or better still Timbuktu) with a return date of September 17.  Arguably the coincidence of coincidences and rated a better coincidence than the timing of Saiful swearing.

The Malaysian Insider has reported that Pak Lah is not wanting to give Anwar the opportunity to form a new government by September 16 and stressed that this BNBC study trip has nothing to do with his intention to block Anwar which seems to make this action a total joke.  Read here for the report.

Does the date of September 16 really matters? What do you think?  What does Anwar think?  Read here.

If you must insist on a date, September 16 is the best date there is for now.  But in actual fact, it is but a major milestone for a turning point, a focal date to confound the BN, a pivot to initiate the greatest change in Malaysia’s history and a date with multiple purposes all designed by Anwar.

What is important to Malaysians is not the date although it’s one that seems to symbolize hope for them of Anwar’s promise of change.

But more than that is no matter if change or not happens that the country’s business must be well taken care of.  The country’s people must be well taken care of.  The country’s welfare must be seen to be improving.  All the rhetorics of Pak Lah will mean nothing until the people see real, tangible, pragmatic and fair deals starting to rectify all the wrongs in the system and the economy.

If there is a change as many pines, it must be done under a very sensitive and careful scrutiny of abiding of laws, Agung, peace and balance.  Such is complicated but it seems Anwar is orchestrating the deal of a lifetime for MPs, states, country and people of Malaysia.

The hive of actions undertaken by the BN especially Umno shows that they are very worried if anything does happen and to make sure that NOTHING actually happens on September 16 and thereby laugh at Anwar’s face.  So taking these MPs out of the country to Timbuktu will work, so they think.  No quorum, no new Anwar support, no change.  Easy!

Well, honestly speaking, Anwar only needs to show the momentum on September 16 to paint the picture of a tsunami of change that will spur all the relevant people and processes to its completion in Parliament in a very orderly, organized, legal and fully mandated manner.

MPs need not be crossing over.  Read here for a very insightful piece on this matter.  What is important if this ever happens is to maintain the rule of law and abide by the Constitution, respect for the Agung and Parliament, sensitivity to the balance of members and many things can happen.  MPs from Umno, MIC, Gerakan and MCA going to join Anwar.  Parties enbloc in Sabah and Sarawak to join up to make history.  Many things can happen and Umno fears the worse.  As a wise old man reminded me, anything can happen in politics.  And Anwar needs many more than 30 MPs to do it with political stability.

Then again,  nothing may happen and it will all be a piece of by-gone news for tea time in days to come.  This ruckus of Anwar may just fizzle out, so hopes Umno of course.

But will it?  Time will tell and 10 more days to go.

Meanwhile, we all should pray for the peace, prosperity and harmony for Malaysia, for the people, for us all!

Someone asked a wise old man, “if you are praying for peace, prosperity and harmony for Malaysians, shouldn’t Anwar just stop his agenda?”

And he meekly smiles in reply, “perhaps what he is doing may be the answer to the prayer.”


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One Comment to “Anwar and September 16 – A date with hope?”

  1. Everyone needs attitude adjustment, renewed moral outlook, open to new view-point. Let the by-gone be by-gone. Lets start afresh. Hold hands & move forward.

    oo forgotten date, why are you so important this year when before this, your existence only established in history book & the East public holiday calendar.

    oo hail the 20-point agreement. You are breaking it. shame on you!

    oo Negaraku. Tanah tumpahnya darahku.

    oo the great-great grandparents is not called the great leader because he’s not in particular U-party. They soon delete him from history.

    oo life is not fair to some people.

    oo Lord, bless Malaysian soul! amen.

    p/s: PMS-mode ON.

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