Gerakan leaving BN? MCA too?

We read about Gerakan pondering about leaving BN.  We read about MCA being urged the same.  What’s happening?  Koh Tsu Koon is now talking out loud about this now (read here).  MCA leaders are mooting a review of their position in BN.  All of these considerations are somehow linked to Anwar and September 16.

Nobody moots such ideas in public to only serve as passing remarks.  Such thoughts must have been mulled for a long time and now is making their way out of the mouths of various leaders in Gerakan and MCA.  And these are serious thoughts and possibly viewed as serious threats to leaving the BN.

Are they for real or merely political rhetorics?  Why utter them now?  Is there something about the timing of such publicly vented frustrations?  Especially so in times of dire straits faced by the BN government.  They can be viewed by Umno as insensitive and washing dirty linen in public and not a good partner in the coalition with such proclamations.

Or is there more to it than meets the eye?  The rumors (eg. so-called breaking news like MCA and Gerakan will leave BN en mass to join PR on September 15, 2008, one day before Malaysia Day!) are rife on the Internet and hard to believe but there will be no smoke if there is no real fire! (always treat such rumors with lots of salt).

Both Gerakan and MCA are now minor partners in the BN after the March GE12.  Neither can claim Chinese support especially after the August 16 Pematang Pauh by-election which saw the continued loss of support from this community.

What now for Gerakan and MCA?  These public displays of displeasure by Koh (acting President of Gerakan) and Tan CM (outgoing Perak MCA Youth Chief) suggesting their respective parties to review their BN positions means that their internal concerns are very real and acutely serious.  Why else would they be so bold to vent such feelings now?

If the Gerakan and MCA are both very happy BN partners, such rhetorics will never have been said.  And neither has the MCA leadership voiced their dissent which implies that they are in harmony with those statements.  Otherwise, someone would have come out and vehemently denied their association.  Najib did that with Ahmad Ismail’s description of the Chinese in Malaysia as penumpang (lodgers) censuring his misdeeds as improper and separated himself and Umno from Ahmad’s stand very clearly.  Ong Ka Ting (president of MCA) has yet to utter a hoot probably because of the on-going MCA elections.  Let’s see what he says in the days ahead.

So, the tremors are being felt within Gerakan and MCA but at what scale.  Don’t put too much weight on rumors but do bear in mind that both Gerakan and MCA are seriously contemplating the possibility of leaving BN even as you read this posting.  But more importantly, only they themselves know why they are still a part of BN and if they so choose to leave, what roles they can still play in Malaysian politics.  Can they afford to leave the BN?  What about the reasons for their existence whether in or out of BN?

Speculations and rumors fill the times over the teh tarik Malaysian are having with each other.  This is the current hot topic.  Given it is Koh making such statements, it is highly probable that Gerakan has already reached their own verdict and decided on their fate.  Only time will tell what that is.

Stay tuned to the Malaysian news as it is getting hotter by the day (and wetter too).  For all intents and purposes, let all that is done be for the best of the future of Malaysia and such actions, whatever they may be, give rise to worthy progress to the maturing of our nation, Malaysia.

History is in the making in the coming days ahead!

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One Comment to “Gerakan leaving BN? MCA too?”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I am also a proud Malaysian just like you for all these years. Had opportunity to become a British or Singapore citizen in 1966 and yet opted to return back to Malaysia.

    Today is the first time I am logging into your site vias Malaysiakini and enjoy reading all the postings

    Thank you and keep up the work

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