Countdown to September 16

UPDATED 16/09 @ 9:00 am

Yesterday night was electrifying. Today? More on D-DAY SEPTEMBER 16 here.

1 day to go – It was the eve of Malaysia Day. The mood was upbeat. The moment the National Anthem “Negara Ku” was sung, the atmosphere became electrifying. It was the Pakatan Rakyat celebration of Malaysia Day and filled with speeches from leaders of the PR. Notable was Lim Guan Eng, Kamaruddin Jaafar and Anwar.

It was anticipated as an historic event by the Opposition bloc and the turnout was exceptional. More than

The tens of thousands who went to hear out Anwar

The tens of thousands who went to hear Anwar waving the Malaysian flags

20,000 thronged the stadium peacefully to hear what Anwar has to say about “916“. Each of the PKR, DAP and PAS leaders that spoke referred to Anwar as the “PM in waiting“.

Kit Siang referred to it as a “sky changing” event. Guan Eng pointed out that never has a BN minister resigned not because he was ill or involved in a personal scandal but Zaid Ibrahim was applauded as one that has his principle to stand against the misuse of ISA. Furthermore, he chided those BN ministers who only dare whisper their dissent and challenged them to do what Zaid has done – QUIT, if it goes against their principles, don’t just talk!

Kamaruddin underscored the fact that September 16 will show much clarity on concrete steps of change, not necessary the very change of government itself. He alluded to the points that PR has what it takes to become the next government and Malaysians will learn more tomorrow.

More importantly was Anwar’s much awaited announcements. What does September 16 bring to Malaysians tomorrow?

ONE – Zaid Ibrahim and ISA

Anwar hinted that Zaid Ibrahim may not be with the BN in a few days time. It was received with a roar of approval. All the leaders who made speeches condemned the ISA and offered support to Teresa Kok and RPK. Marina was there and waved to the crowd. The speakers vehemently condemned the use of ISA and retorted that the day the PR becomes the government will be the very day ISA will be abolished and all political detainees be freed.

TWO – MALAYSIA DAY a Public Holiday

Keeping in line with the inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak into the Malaysia agenda, Anwar said that there should be two holidays, one for Independence Day (August 31) and the other for Malaysia Day (September 16) to commemorate the formation of Malaysia. He rebuked those who were against it saying they have a lack of knowledge in what other countries do. If all is well, next year will see September 16 becoming a national public holiday. Only if the PR ever becomes the government, of course.

THREE – Transition of Power

Anwar received by the flag waving crowd as seen on the big screen

Anwar received by the flag waving crowd as seen on the big screen

Anwar painted a picture of sensitivity to ensuring political and economic stability in view of his agenda to changing the government. As such, 3 reps from the PR delivered to Pak Lah this evening a letter signed by the 3 leaders of PKR, PAS and DAP. It was to request an urgent meeting to discuss a peaceful transition of power. Anwar said that he will show Pak Lah that he truly has the numbers and will suggest steps towards the transition. More details will be announced on September 16 and Anwar will show how the change will take place. Will he name the MPs who are willing to step away from the BN, only time will tell.

And that’s tomorrow! No No! It’s today. D-DAY! 😉

Watch the news today!

The rally ended around 11:30 pm with the National Anthem sung again while shouts of “Reformasi” followed thereafter.

Is Anwar’s “916” plan coming to fruition? Pak Lah brushes it aside as ridiculous (read Bernama here). But is it? It is not so far fetched now and with the weekend brush with ISA, more Malaysians appear to want it and skeptics have been pushed towards Anwar because of their frustration on the Government’s recent actions.

5:00 pmLatest news from MalaysianInsider tells us that Zaid Ibrahim has resigned (read here). He opposes the use of ISA as a matter of principle. We salute you, Zaid Ibrahim, for your honor is good and your principle is right! Pak Lah, of course, told him that his resignation is rejected and to take a 2 weeks break (read here). What the point? This misuse of ISA won’t change unless concrete actions are taken to improve the perception of the BN Government and to stop giving ridiculous reasons on justifying the use of ISA.

3:07 pm The September 16 date was set to force the issue of a turning point that all related parties can rally around. It is the milestone where MPs in the ruling party, the BN, will have to make up their minds where to place their future allegiance (read here). For 51 years, it has been ruled by the same coalition but will this change with this very date coming up tomorrow? What really does Anwar has in store for Malaysia apart from political rhetorics that got the BN chasing their tail and acting irrationally?

Anwar has started a momentum pointing to this date and tomorrow brings a kind of expectancy that no Malaysian, for or against Anwar, has ever felt in our lifetime. Tonight at the MBPJ Stadium at Kelana Jaya, more may be revealed in anticipation of this turning point.


2 days to go – What a tumultuous weekend, another Malaysia Boleh episode. In an unexpected spate of arrests under ISA for racial incitement but we saw Tan Hoon Cheng arrested but released the fastest – after 18 hours – for reasons given by the Home Minister that still baffles everyone. This will go down in our history as Malaysians sometimes do the darnest thing, this time by the Police and the Government.

Public pressure by all sectors have come out to voice against these arrests. This is the time where all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion and background, have stood up to question the wisdom of these arrests under ISA. One such group called the Muslim Professionals Forum had a press release calling for their release and declaring the arrests unjustifiable (read Din Merican‘s blog on the press release here). Certainly, politicians on both sides of the divide have uttered their displeasure, particularly those from MCA and Gerakan.

So, what can these actions by the Government do to stall Anwar? Time will certainly tell and there’s only a few days more to see how the agenda actually unfolds. For now, we wait.

Tomorrow (Mon 15/09) at the Stadium MBPJ, Kelana Jaya, Pakatan Rakyat together with the Selangor Government is holding a Malaysia Day celebration starting at 7 pm. Apparently, a police permit has been approved and this celebration will definitely take place. Seems they have lined up the big guns to speak – Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang and of course, Anwar. The notice is here.

Looks like everyday here on will be very eventful. So stay tuned!

For your further reading pleasure, MalaysianInsider has a very insightful article discussing how possibly Anwar’s agenda of taking over the Government might take place. Not straightforward and will involve historical actions. After all, this will be the first time in Malaysian history to have a real threat fpr a change. But the road is neither simple nor straight forward. Read it here.

8:30 pm – Read this by the de facto law minister, Zaid Ibrahim:

“I will seek a meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to have a frank discussion about this issue to seek his views as soon as possible,” he told reporters.

“I know I am breaking rank here … I am prepared to face the consequences. If I am to resign, I will do so.

“I am not a trouble maker and I don’t want to cause any trouble for the Prime Minister, but I have my principles and will always be a vocal critic of the use of the ISA,” he added.

Read the report is here. At least, we do have leaders who are principled and working for the people.

[Updated 15/09 @ 5:00 pmZaid Ibrahim is reported to have tendered his resignation as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. MalaysianInsider has confirmed that he has sent his resignation letter (read here).]

[Updated 16/09 @ 2:20 pmZaid Ibrahim says he is sticking to his decision to quit (read here).]

13/09 -@9:40 pm – Now the public is confused and wondering how the Government uses ISA. Just for first interviews or protecting the innocent? Or was she really a threat to national security? The general perception is one that doesn’t make sense at all.

Sin Chew journalist Tan Hoon Cheng was released at 2.30pm today.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said this at a press conference at the Bukit Aman police headquarters.

“She made the first report so we had to get to the bottom of it and we received information that her life was under threat,” he said.

(Read the latest at MalaysianInsider here)

One of the Umno politicians noted that if Tan deserved to be held under the ISA so did Ahmad who not only sparked off the ugly episode during the Permatang Pauh by-election but compounded it by making a series of inflammatory remarks after that. (and more here)


3 days to go3 high profile personalities of Malaysia have been detained yesterday under the Internal Security Act (ISA) (read The Star here). They are Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng, Seputeh MP Teresa Kok (read here) and Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin a.k.a. RPK (read here). September 12 is a BLACK day for Malaysia. All Malaysians are shocked and totally saddened that Malaysia has regressed yet again. Their families are also put through undue shock and stress at this time and the thoughts of all caring Malaysians are with them.

Why is this happening? Pak Lah says that the Government means business and this is happening now (read NST here). Is this a prelude of more to come? Public shock and outrage springs up (read here)

Tan was first to have reported on Ahmad Ismail’s controversial statements made during the Pematang Pauh campaign. Teresa Kok was alleged by Khir Toyo to have been involved in a residents petition against a mosque. RPK was said to have posted a number of articles that are deem seditious and allegedly belittle Islam (read more of the reasons in The Star here).

It’s incredible that the ISA is used once again, the last being on the Hindraf leaders before the March General Election. It will be appropriate for the Government to bring them to court and charge them for any serious wrong doings which at this time are all viewed by the public as merely alleged and not as serious threats to national security as deemed by the authorities. Certainly, more people are bracing themselves and cringing at the possibility of the ISA net thrown even wider than it is now.

On the interest of September 16, Tian Chua said that the plans are on track. Saifuddin said that the lawmakers that supported the change can make the difference as an individual, group or component parties (read The Star here and MalaysiaInsider here). Whether they remain as independent or otherwise, they will be joining the forces of the opposition as they will not be allowed in the BN if they were to defy the Government.

The BCBN agriculture study trip to Taiwan ended yesterday instead of September 17. Many have apparently returned and the rest will be returning over the next few days. The PKR team will return on Sunday. Is this a sign of Anwar’s plans consolidating? It is sure implying so.

The Opposition group is adamant that they have the numbers and Anwar is still on track to make that earth shattering announcement on September 16. What that announcement entails we shall have to wait till then.

Given the turn of circumstances with the use of ISA on the 3 individuals, this has perhaps given a fresh impetus of urgency and hope to Anwar’s audacious plan of taking over the Government. Many groups are actively discussing the implications of the latest round of arrests under ISA and on these individuals who are party to scenarios that are questionable if they are threats to our national security. Whatever the strength of the reasons the Government may have, these reasons must be presented in a court of law to determine if they have indeed ran afoul and not have the BN Government appear to use their discretion to deflect the scrutiny of troubles within the BN and more importantly, Umno.

Our thoughts remain with the families of those incarcerated under this draconian law and we can only pray that the 3 and others like them in ISA be released unconditionally or charged properly in the court of law. They must be fairly treated. After all, we are 51 years old Malaysia and we are mature Malaysians.

The Government has up to 60 days to investigate the matter and if they deem necessary, the 3 can be held without trial for up to 2 years. For now, we keep a virgil on these 60 days, 59 more today, and counting down.

Keep in prayer and not take to the streets. The peace and prosperity of Malaysia are at stake. The reputation of mature Malaysians are at stake. A sound mind and 51 years wiser will certainly see us through.


5 days to go4 senior PKR Reps are going to Taiwan tomorrow (read MalaysianInsider here and Malaysia Kini here) in a bid to ensure and affirm the prior arrangements made with those MPs who may have concurred to the September 16 agenda. This is to establish that the game plan and players are all still in place. More so, this is to cause a scuttle in Taiwan as these PKR reps are going to serve some hot Taiwanese noodles there (more here). What else?

[Updated 13/09: There are 5 PKR reps sent to Taiwan and not 4 as reported earlier (read here).]

[Updated 14/09: Read what the Taiwanese media and people have to say about the farcical trip by BNBC to Taiwan (read here).]

Muhyiddin’s call for Pak Lah to step down earlier has surprised the PM himself (read MalaysianInsider here and The Star here). And the Ahmad Ismail episode is still not over yet as he defiantly plans a roadshow (hmm, nothing much worth reading). Pak Lah seems to be facing waves of embarassment almost daily, particularly when that dreadful FUDday* is coming soon. This is not what he looks forward to.

To top it off, the cabinet instructed MCMC to reinstate links for Malaysia Today (read here). This is a turnaround as the BN Government has realised too late that blocking such a popular site is such an unpopular and unwarranted act. Now, after the damage is done, they revert back to status quo.

What else is new?

In a joint press statement by coalition partners PKR, DAP and Pas today, the opposition said that the actual date for the formation of a new government may have to be delayed due to the Taiwan trip.

Chua said that September 16 was merely a symbolic date to begin the transformation, as it marked the formation of Malaysia in 1963, and it not necessarily the date when the actual takeover will happen.

“We have secured sufficient commitment of BN MPs to join a new coalition in the shortest time,” he asserted, stating that the issue now was the technical details of how the transfer of power was to be executed.

These included consulting the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or calling for an emergency sitting of Parliament.

He admitted that there is a risk of BN calling for a state of emergency to seize back power and thus, PR would have to be “careful to avoid provocation.”

On whether these MPs would be absorbed into PKR or be independent MPs allied to PR, the Batu MP said that this was also something that needed to be finalised and more would be revealed after the PKR delegation returns on Sunday.

(read the full report in MalaysianInsider here)

And finally, Anwar assures all Malaysians that in the event Pakatan Rakyat comes to power that they will call for an early General Election to dispel concerns that such a takeover is unethical or undemocratic (read MalaysiaKini here or here).

So, another day closer to September 16. More clarity as to what state Anwar’s agenda has progressed. Certainly, the Taiwan trip on our money is paying for an international joke on us. Everything that’s happening doesn’t make much sense these days. All eyes and ears are on Anwar’s agenda unfolding. And maybe not September 16 but another date (read the latest MalaysiaKini here) as the BN Government is doing everything they can to “stop” Anwar. The story continues to unfold.

Duh! FUD* is certainly working.

* FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt


6 days to go54 MPs are now in Taiwan on an all expenses paid (that should read our money) agricultural study trip until 17 September. Pak Lah says that it has nothing to do with Anwar’s September 16 threat and is a mere coincidence. Nobody believed him, of course. His hope by sending them away might just derail that date. How does that affect Anwar’s agenda?

With the Ahmad Ismail case looming over Pak Lah’s head which he can live without, it finally came to a head today with the Umno Supreme Council suspending Ahmad Ismail from his position for 3 years (read here). Anifah Aman finally came out to say what everybody was wondering inside. Why in the world did the Umno leadership take so long to take action with more and more uncalled for remarks being made? (read here) The damage is now done and this suspension is merely trying to put the matter to rest. Alas, after a couple of slaps, the hits may have stopped but the pain is still stinging (quietly). Good leadership takes decisive actions to stop the crap in its track right on time and not let the shit hit the fan. Now, it’s cleaning up time.

Did you notice how discreetly quiet was Pakatan Rakyat not to add to the fuss? It became a BN problem instead although it has a broader impact on all Malaysians. And boy, Malaysians triumphed as mature 21st century adults.

Enough of these distractions and that’s what they are although such outbursts can be symptomatic of deeper issues yet to be unrooted. What has 51 years done to us all? Instead of moving ahead as a great nation, we have become a sad story. That’s besides being a butt of jokes in Taiwan.

Anwar is focused on “916” and has stirred an awful lot of FUD in BN. FUD? Yes, that reads FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and DOUBT. “916” is a FUDday. And Anwar is still adamant of that date.

Anwar claims to have made tacit pacts with dozens of lawmakers in recent months, and insisted that he was still “very much” on track for his target date of next Tuesday. (read here)

Much has been speculated about Anwar taking over the government. One thing for sure, Anwar has managed to spur the imagination of all Malaysians to pining hope on that date. His journey to Putra Jaya really began with his Pematang Pauh win on August 26. So September 16 should see a major announcement that can turn the tables on the BN. It will be something unexpected by the BN. As you have Anwar being a master strategist and this time all the wiser, he will pull something out of his hat that will cause every Malaysian and international observer to sit up.

He can announce that he already has 42 MPs ready to switch out of BN and force an admission of a theoretical coup over the BN Government. Such an announcement will cause a mad scramble of finger pointing within the BN as to who these defectors are, thereby, creating chaos and forcing a potential implosion of the BN Government. Who these MPs are, time will tell with another date to be set by Anwar. He is the script writer of Malaysian history now.

Ha! Ha! Ha! That was a very imaginative speculation but you must admit that it is not all that far fetched these days given the never-thought-can-happen votes of March 8 and August 26. Hence, September 16 will be a very major announcement that will send shivers up the BN’s spine and rapturous joy for those on the opposite side.

2008 is a year of dates in the history of Malaysia. And September 16 is the next date coming up.

Watch this space. Another 6 days to go!

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  1. The historical date has been shifted to 20th September. Does that mean the MPs are going to extend their stay in Taiwan and learn about another industry? hahahahaha…..
    Wonder what stunt BN will pull next. They are fast running out of ideas, or maybe not. I trust they will come up with another bird brain idea. And I can bet on it!!

  2. At last16 september2008 i here!Now at least wecan see light at the end of a dark tunnel!

  3. 16th september my ass, now 25th september already…nothing happen…i don’t want to trust this lie anymore….its a lie

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