D-Day September 16

LATEST @ 8:00 pm

September 16 is the start of clear and concrete steps to take over the government. This was announced by Anwar in a press meeting this afternoon.

Anwar revealed that there are at least 31 MPs who have agreed to crossover. What does that mean? It implies that there is the minimum number required but is there more than sufficient to shore up the strength of a new and stable government?  These are serious representations to Pak Lah.

He will reveal the names only when Pak Lah agrees to meet with him on the request for a smooth and peaceful transition. This presents a pressure to concede but can Pak Lah even take that from Anwar? This is a “show hand” move but in a confidential manner to protect the MPs.

Pak Lah retorted to name them and says that Anwar is seeing a mirage (read MalaysiaInsider here). He said he is not under pressure and brushed aside Anwar’s claims. But the general concerns will be that these MPs will be incarcerated or hindered in ways that will prevent them from publicly making this stand which is a very easy action by the ruling BN Government. Then the MPs will be neutralized by a stroke of a pen.

Anwar today outlined 4 things requested of Pak Lah (for the press release, read MalaysianInsider here).

1) That Barisan does not hinder or prevent the MPs from acting in accordance with their conscience, constitutional rights and independent judgement;

2) That the Barisan government should not invoke the Internal Security Act to detain the MPs or any other current Pakatan MPs;

3) That the Barisan government does not invoke emergency laws or police powers or suspend the Constitution or dissolve Parliament; and

4) That the Barisan government shall not impose roadblocks or impede MPs from going to Parliament or any institution of government.


Following our meeting with the prime minister, we intend to proceed within the framework established by the federal constitution in the formation of a new government, with the assent of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

These are really pragmatic suggestions but one wonders how and why will Pak Lah even consider this at the present time. 31 MPs is a number too small and precarious which can swing back to BN anytime. The shocker is lacking the punch for now. Will Pak Lah respond and call it a day? It will be hard to believe for now. Pak Lah said he will meet Anwar after he names the MPs, Anwar said he will reveal when he meets with Pak Lah. We shall see how this will pan out. Seems like a deadlock!

There is no precedence and will find too much internal challenges within BN and more specifically, Umno, to handover and concede control of the Government. This is very much a theoretical move to force the public perception that Anwar is ready to move but will receive a deaf ear by Pak Lah. How will Pak Lah handle his party warlords in this matter? It is not at all trivial. It’s a massive migraine setting in.

There will be steps 2 and 3 and 4 to push the agenda through but as in a chess game, this is considered a CHECK but not MATE yet. More to come, the show has just begun!

Anwar to Pak Lah, your move now!

But the ultimate move may likely be Anwar seeking an audience with the Agung!


Yesterday night was electrifying. Today?

Anwar said he will announce clear and concrete plans towards the formation of a new government today. He will also announce that PR has the requisite number of MPs supporting this agenda. More importantly, he said that he looks towards a “peaceful transition of power” and has sought a meeting with Pak Lah yesterday on this matter together with the leaders of PAS and DAP. Dare we even fathom the thought?

“We have the numbers and we are ready. Tomorrow (today), we will announce it (the crossover list),” he said.

More here

As a master strategist, every move will raise the hopes even higher and fears even greater. A major announcement. A list of MPs agreeing to support the agenda. An historic meeting with Pak Lah on power transition. What else?

September 16 is today. Keep your eyes and ears on the key events as they unfold. Or is it all a hype? Only time will tell and the time is today! The truth will be known.

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