After September 16, what’s next? The Chess Game Continues

A September 16 Editorial

The BN Government is trying to pour cold water over the September 16 challenge.  Anwar has repeatedly stated that today would be the day for a change in Government.  He created the symbolic date and Malaysians of all walks of life rallied around it.  Today, he announced that he has requested a meeting with the PM to discuss a peaceful transition while Pak Lah denied such a thing being requested.

So who is telling the truth and who is lying?  They can’t both be right unless one is misleading or the other is misreading.  Given the historical trend in politics lately, you will have the answer.

If the BN Government didn’t believe Anwar has the influence to garner such support and make real his audacious threat of changing the Government, we will not have seen the spate of ISA arrests, racial slurs, Taiwan tours, East Malaysian pledges, Saiful swearing, Najib swearing and forget totally about running the country.

Malaysia has been on auto-pilot for a while now and the BN Government has yet to focus on rejuvenating it.  The BN Government has pledged billions to East Malaysia (for their support) in the 2009 Budget while eradicating the hard core poor is given peanuts treatment.  The alternative budget proposed by Anwar showed he understood the realities of the country better than Pak Lah.  If BN was to take back charge, it seems that the only way is for BN to make good on all the heated points of immigration, oil royalties, economic stimuli, fuel prices, inflation, and the list goes on.

Now that Zaid Ibrahim has confirmed his resignation, he has become the first Minister in the BN Government to have got up and got out because of his principle in the use of ISA.  He can be said to epitomize the new breed of law makers of Malaysia, the mature and principled minded MP of the 21st century who won’t stand nonsense in government.  Now, the watch is where he will go from here.

Anwar brought together a truly Malaysian rally on September 15.  It was electrifying and demonstrated that Malaysians regardless of race and religion can stand side-by-side to cheer each other for a common cause.  They appear to be at ease and at peace with everybody else.  Would you even dare imagine this happening at a BN rally?

Anwar announced he has sufficient MPs who support him to takeover the government on September 16 and has made plans to have a peaceful transition to power with Pak Lah who immediately brushed it aside saying Anwar is deluded.  Show me the numbers and I will show you mine!  Moreover, Anwar should have many more because at 31 MPs added, his potential government will remain a lame duck at best.  So, it is highly likely that Anwar has many more than 31 and he shall be playing that card over the next period of time if he truly has it.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah a.k.a. Kuli retorted against the supposedly hollow September 16 mind-game by Anwar and called for a stop to all political mind-games (read here).  While he is preparing to shore up his own support to fight Pak Lah for the Umno presidency, one wonders who he referred to.  He said that people should be straight forward but in politics, being straight forward is being naive.  Selangor MB Khalid has tasted the viles of opposition for being straight forward in his early days.  One has to be crafty as a wolf yet innocent as a dove to survive in politics.

Changing a government is not a trivial affair.  It can’t happen exactly on any specific day predicted while anchoring a date in politics or in business is always the way forward.  It becomes a milestone one can measure the progress.  Anwar showing his cards publicly will only jeopardize the MPs.  This is like playing poker but is Anwar calling bluff here?  One wouldn’t think so because the leaders of PR like Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Hadi Awang, Haji Nik, Kamaruddin Jaafar and the likes will not have been blind to support Anwar.  If they in the close circles are deluded and blind sighted by Anwar, the God help us all.

September 16 is a milestone of that progress that Anwar claims he is making.  His chess game is currently impeccable and his moves spectacular at the very least.  It brings tremors of fear when Anwar takes a step and causes the faint to scurry, in our case in Malaysia, to Taiwan.

The stage is set.  The numbers are there.  The sail is up.  The anchor is in. Pak Lah has been informed.  A transition awaits. But nothing will happen.  Not just yet.

Pak Lah is not about to fold.  Anwar is not about to show.  This deadlock is predictable and Anwar must know the next 3 steps ahead of this game.  Just when Pak Lah is laughing at this move, little will he know with his guard let down that Anwar will take the next step to check mate him.

For Malaysians who wonder about Anwar’s September 16, wonder no more.  As we have known for a while, the change of government is a very tricky affair and everyone is treading on unchartered waters.  September 16 is real and the ship is setting sail.  The wind of the people is behind it and those who believe in Anwar will ride in it.  Those who don’t will want to take a swipe at him.  However, September 16 is now a bygone and will be remembered as Malaysia Day in our history.  Anwar would want us to also remember September 16 being the first day of the unveiling of the journey to Putra Jaya.

The stage is set.  The pieces are moved. The PM is checked. The rook is moved into defense. Let’s observe the game.  We are watching the game of a lifetime played by Anwar, Pak Lah, Najib and Kuli.  May the best leader please stand up!  Looks like only Anwar is playing his pieces and the rest can only watch.

Pray that peace and harmony and good sense prevails over those who lack the same.

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