September 18 – The Next Move

With Anwar establishing a beach head on September 16 by declaring that the Opposition has more than enough MPs to back them and growing by the day, he further pushed Pak Lah by requesting for a meeting to discuss a peaceful transition. This really shows the audacity of Anwar, very serious looking and launching the final push with the symbolic 916. Anwar’s move is now made.

Pak Lah maintains his grip on power and brushes aside Anwar’s move as a mirage, a dream. There will not be a meeting until Anwar reveals the names of those BN MPs who is said to want to support Anwar. And Anwar can’t reveal without a guarantee of their safety and freedom. The deadlock begins. But writing off Anwar is the wrong thing to do. He is adamant that this is not a joke, that it is real and the push to Putra Jaya has just begun. If it’s true, the momentum will grow. Otherwise, the fizzle will be seen.

September 17, a day after 916 and a day before September 18, is a day of anticipation. The next move to watch is Umno’s. September 18 is the Umno Supreme Council meeting. It will be closely watched by all parties as Anwar has since made his move. How should Umno react?

Many observers feel that with the current uproar against the Government on the ISA arrests last week, Zaid Ibrahim’s resignation and Anwar’s demands to power transition, the Umno warlords must establish a reply to counter this anti-establishment furor. How will Muhyiddin and Razaleigh play their cards? How will they consider Mahathir in the game? What about Najib? What should Umno do to rebuff Anwar? How will the internal conflicts within Umno force Pak Lah’s card? The calls for Pak Lah to quit has resumed. How does that pan out in the Umno Supreme Council meeting?  Will Umno MPs quit the party?

For sure Anwar cannot be ignored. We can be sure he won’t be sitting down quiet. We can expect Anwar to keep stirring the hornet’s nest, to keep the pressure on, to keep checking Pak Lah in every move, until the day a more definitive position on the support for Pak Lah is seen to collapse.

The momentum against Pak Lah is coming both from Anwar and within Umno. This not certainly not good for the country. He is now too busy to fight for his political life. His supporters must be preparing how to protect their turf. His Umno enemies are plotting his downfall.

We have a country in limbo. Malaysia is on auto-pilot. The Cabinet, being made up of a majority from Umno, are too busy shoring up support in view of the impending Divisional meetings next month which starts the nominations to the Umno elections in December. MCA will be having theirs and so will Gerakan. The entire BN Government is now inward looking at their own interests and survival.

The calls for a clear leadership is now loudly ringing. Who will stand up and be counted? How can this leader take his rightful place PEACEFULLY?

51 years old and mature, Malaysians are now anticipating a closure to the leadership void and to look forward to taking our rightful place in the international world. For now, we need to brace ourselves for a rocky ride as nobody is expected to yield without giving a final fight.

Anwar has paved the way to check Pak Lah in defining the elements of transition. Pak Lah has not replied in uncertain terms that in the event Anwar really has the numbers he claims that there will be no vile use of power against opposing MPs nor will he create any unwarranted environment to stake his power.

It is our hope as Malaysians that even the BN Government and Pak Lah will remain level headed amidst these threats from both outside and inside his party that all things are done for the GOOD of the people.

Remember, the country belongs to Malaysians. Not to individuals! That’s what Merdeka means to all of us!

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