Times of Grave Uncertainty

The world’s markets fluttered at the news of ailing giant companies floundering.  Malaysians are grappling how to manage with the 8.5% inflation rate, highest for a long time.  Pump prices remain high in a fuel net export country.

Who is doing what in Malaysia for Malaysians?

The PM is under tremendous pressure both from outside and inside of Umno.  This is the first time a PM in Malaysia has been “under siege” and attempting to keep his head above the water.  It’s even far worse than when Mahathir was pressured to retire because one of those who are calling for Pak Lah to step down is the man himself, Tun Mahathir.  The Supreme Council Meeting ending today is going to have a landmark effect on Pak Lah’s next move.  Read more about his options here in MalaysianInsider.

Pressure to Pak Lah to handover to Najib even as soon as December by declining to stand for the Umno Presidency is building internally it seems.  His opponents are plotting against him by the day.  It’s so sad to see the PM having to ward off internal pressures and unable to consolidate his support.  It has gotten worse since the March General Elections and now the factions within Umno is making absolutely clear that he needs to step down now, Mahathir being the most vociferous although technically Mahathir is no longer an Umno member.  His support, nevertheless, is aplenty.  With Mukhriz, Razaleigh, Rafidah, Shafie Apdal, Hishamuddin and the likes snapping at Pak Lah’s heels, no wonder he has no time for the country.  The last straw could be if Najib also turns on him.

Pressure to Pak Lah to handover to Anwar is also building rapidly.  The September 16 demands by Anwar to discuss peaceful transition, then a call to have an emergency Parliament sitting next Tuesday and attempting the possibility of meeting the Agung with his majority support are all riding to a climax very soon.  If Anwar really have what it takes to overtake Pak Lah’s parliamentary support, he will be showing it very soon in a very concrete way.  Even PAS and DAP are in cooperative effort to urge the parliamentary sitting to prove Anwar’s challenge once for all.  If not next Tuesday, then after Ramadhan on October 13.  Meanwhile, the plot thickens with Anwar strategizing on the outside and Pak Lah’s opponents strategizing on the inside of Umno.

For Anwar, he propounds a reformist agenda.  For the Umno opponents, they intend to continue the Umno legacy.  So who is speaking for us Malaysians?  It is clear to see.

Pak Lah is no superman.  He can’t fight internal and external pressures while taking charge of the country.  He has clearly stated he wants to stay to reform the much criticized judiciary.  Yes, the judiciary is a very important facet of the country’s democratic pillars and must be reformed.  But we have never heard him say that he will take action on shaping the country’s economic situation to greater heights.  He has never said anything about making life better for Malaysians.  His playing with petrol prices have drawn the irk of all Malaysians and has been considered done most inappropriately with little thought to the grave ramifications across the board.  One can only conclude that he has really bad advisors because Pak Lah is no economist either in training or in strategic planning.

Our PM is facing tremendous pressures for his own position.  His cabinet has no time to look at the country’s economic plight because of these pressures and of their own positions given the Umno divisional meetings starting next month.  They need to be assured of their own positions before they will bother about the country.

So, who is looking after us Malaysians?  Nobody!  He is the special minister in the Cabinet now with a special portfolio and he is nowhere to be seen.  His portfolio is, well, nobody knows.

Perhaps it’s time to call a General Elections again?  Maybe for the Agung to step in?  Then again, who are we to say anything in Malaysia.  We are, after all, merely Malaysians and Nobody is looking after us.

This is a time of grave uncertainty for Malaysians!

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