HTC Touch Viva Coming Very Soon!

HTC Viva will be in Malaysia very soon

HTC Viva will be in Malaysia very soon

I had the chance of playing with the new HTC Touch Viva yesterday in Malaysia and I must certainly admit that I was very surprised by this little baby of a devicePleasantly surprised, in fact!

Especially given the entire package of the Viva with almost everything you would want in a PDA phone together with the PRICE of …

Now, I’ve been asked to withhold this crucial piece of information for now but suffice to say that it’s really the lowest priced PDA phone with practically every feature you will need.  And works very well too.

I am not normally attracted to low end PDA phones at all.  I’ve grown quite particular about such devices that they should have form, function, innovation and an appropriate price tag.  Otherwise, it will become a has-been relatively quickly.

Apart from the initial complaint that it uses a slow TI OMAP 850, 201 MHz processor similar to the predecessor HTC Touch, I must say that it certainly feels zippy with the new TouchFlo 2D interface running on the latest Windows Mobile 6.1.  Practically everything is there in the Viva that’s available in the Touch, the Viva is a tad longer but lighter and a different body construct which I find very refreshing, simple and elegant.  The material used is of a high quality too.

The HTC Touch Viva is a no frills PDA phone that will find its way into the hands of budding PDA phone users being converted from a mere phone at the same price.  Yes, I’m alluding to the fact that this PDA phone is about the same price as a typical phone and it can do heaps more.

One thing though.  The Viva is a 2.5G PDA phone with WLAN (or WIFI).  Not 3G and no GPS.  Plus point is that the battery will definitely last longer.  The optimization of the processor seems to have been done.  HTC can afford to sell this baby cheap because the economies of scale from the Touch would have been attained.  Same chipsets, new housing and a low, low price all sounds too good to be true.  It’s better than a souped up O2 Mini at a lower price!

The Viva should be here after Hari Raya.  I think a good time to launch it would be the week after next.

Hopefully, I get to play with the Viva a bit more soon so that I can vouch for all the nitty gritty details that you will need to know before you buy it for yourself or those close to you to initiate them into the PDA phone world.

Otherwise, the Viva looks simply elegant and works very much like the expensive cousins.  And it fits neatly into my palm and thin and light and small.  What more can you want at this price?

If you are want a 3G model, the HTC Touch 3G is next in line but coming out later than the Viva.

For now, Viva la Viva!

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