Malaysia Berjaya?

One of the oldest patriotic songs that brings back fond memories to many Malaysians is “Malaysia Berjaya“.

In a time where people like RPK and many others are now incarcerated in Camp Kamunting for years without trial to defend their “so called” misdeeds in the court of law, in a time when Pak Lah still aspires to reform the Judiciary even after four long years and the exit of Zaid Ibrahim, in a time when there is so much sadness for fellow Malaysians being removed from their families by the stroke of a pen of one man, we wonder if Malaysia has truly “berjaya” (trans. succeeded).

Here is that song…

Malaysia Berjaya

Malaysia kita sudah berjaya  (Malaysia, we have succeeded)
Aman makmur bahagia (Peaceful, prosperous, happy)
Malaysia abadi selamanya (Malaysia for as long as eternity)
Berjaya dan berjaya (Succeed and keep succeeding)

Berbagai kaum sudah berikrar (All the communities have sworn)
Menjunjung cita-cita (To uphold these aspirations)
Satu bangsa satu bahasa (One nation, one language)
Malaysia berjaya (Malaysia has succeeded)

Dari Perlis sampailah ke Sabah (From Perlis to Sabah)
Kita sudah merdeka (We have our independence)
Negara makmur rakyat mewah (Country is prosperous, People is affluent)
Kita sudah berjaya (We have succeeded)

Dengan semboyan kita berjaya (With the signal we have succeeded)
Gemuruh di angkasa (The roar is in the heavens)
Satu bangsa satu negara (One nation of people, one country)
Malaysia berjaya (Malaysia has succeeded)

Reflecting on the actions by the Government recently, it will bring tears to one’s eyes when you read these words.  This song was sang with much jubilation when it was first penned, uttering the aspirations of our forefathers to unite the people as ONE NATION, Malaysia.

Today, we wonder how a successful nation like Malaysia has once again brought tears and sadness to their own people.  In two short weeks, we saw how an oppressed Government who can’t defend the use of ISA on innocent people but gives preposterous reasons to justify its use now take it to the limit to incarcerate RPK without a fair trial under the same.

A veiled threat against Anwar was made.  Pressure from inside and outside Malaysia was apparently applied.  RPK detained for two years without trial.  What will Malaysians think?

If Malaysians can’t be the best judge of the Government they elected, then Malaysia certainly has yet to understand the aspirations depicted by that song.  Malaysia has “berjaya” in hurting their own people, swing the keris of ISA when the going is tough, issuing veiled threats to people who may be able to jeopardize the leadership, and the list can go on.

It is a sad day indeed when Malaysians under Malaysia “berjaya” can’t defend themselves nor have a glimmer of hope in being treated fairly from Perlis to Sabah when they have done no apparent wrong.  Malaysians cry under the present circumstances.  ISA is not a tool to suppress true Malaysians.  Malaysia is 51 years old and is mature to handle debates of ideas and thoughts.  Truth must and will prevail even in Camp Kamunting.

Now reading a report by the South China Morning Post (read here), it adds to our sadness that people on the outside also realizes the repeat of the past.

His (RPK’s) arrest and the allegations against Anwar do not befit today’s Malaysia; such tactics should have been confined to history.

Regardless of the taint on Malaysia’s history made, let us continue to pursue the path of peace, justice and truth.  The constitution and the Agong remains paramount in Malaysia no matter what perceived injustice is deemed to have been done!

Dear Malaysians, continue to pray for peace and freedom!  Keep Malaysia “berjaya“!

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One Comment to “Malaysia Berjaya?”

  1. Hi,
    This is indeed a beautiful and uplifting song. This was how everyone felt in the god old days.

    And for those who want to listen to it, you can hear it here :

    However, it does not allow me to download the song, as I would love to hear it often in the car also.

    Does anyone know where I can get an MP3 version please.

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