Handover to Najib – will that happen?

In an emergency Umno Security Council meeting today, a decision was made to postpone the Umno election to next March.  The postponement of the AGM was to facilitate the transition.  The earlier transition plan was to handover to Najib by June 2010.

Pak Lah was trying to keep his decision a secret if he was going to stand for elections or not.

Abdullah said he has not decided whether he will defend his post as president. He will make an announcement before Oct 9.

“I am not under any pressure. It will be my decision,” he said. “The postponement of the AGM is to facilitate the transition plan.”

“It will be my decision alone but you can go on guessing.”

(MalaysianInsider here)

However, what is there to guess.  A postponement of the Umno election to March to facilitate the transition is virtually clear that Pak Lah will handover to Najib next March which implies that he will not stand for election.  So who is guessing here?

But if Pak Lah is going to have a surprise drawn out of his hat that will jeopardize Najib’s position to be considered as the next PM, he will have to do so before October 9.  That will be the surprise of the year if such is to happen.  Will Pak Lah do such a thing?

It is not true that Pak Lah is not under any pressure.  In fact, one can’t imagine the pressure that was applied to him during last week’s Umno Supreme Council meeting when many of the senior members did not mince their words to call for Pak Lah to make that transition earlier.

Furthermore, from the outside, we have Mahathir who has vehemently called on Pak Lah to step down much earlier.  Then we have Muhyiddin and Razaleigh.  Will they step up their attacks against the transition plan as they had called for open contest to the top position?  Incidently, Rais voiced out the same.  Such calls mean they are not wanting Najib taking over the reins at the Umno helm.

Will this dissent continue now that Pak Lah had hinted his early retirement date?  Will Umno close ranks?  Opponents against a private arrangement of handover will not sit passive.  We will have to see what Mahathir and Razaleigh have to say about this turn of events today.

What will Anwar do about this?  Don’t write him off just yet.  He is an old hand in this game and he too might be able to pull something off to derail Najib.

Whether the surprise is coming from Pak Lah, Mahathir, Razaleigh or Anwar, the fight is not over yet.  Just watch and see.  Just earlier this week, Pak Lah was still adamant that he will stay on.  What changed?  Will it change again?

Will Najib ever become the PM, time will tell.  It’s a long time between now and next March.  Feels like a lifetime.

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  1. Get the popcorn ready and find the best seat in d house 😛


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