October Hot Month

October 2008 is the hot month for Malaysia.  This is the month to watch as many things that are going to happen during this time which have a longer term implication to us all.

Oct 1 & 2 – Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysians who are muslims.  This day marks the end of the Ramadhan fasting month and in Malaysia, there is the get together by all non-muslims to join our muslim friends in their festivities.

The open houses by various leaders especially the PM and Deputy PM at PWTC was attended by many people today, including those from Hindraf, Anti-ISA and Free RPK friends.  Alas, being an open house, there is little any security personnel can do to stop them and according to MalaysianInsider (read here) they managed to catch the attention of Pak Lah.  All ended well and with respect.

This Saturday at Kepala Batas, there is bound to be some interesting visitors to Pak Lah’s open house at his home constituency.

Oct 9 – Umno Division Nominations Begins, Pak Lah In or Out of Nomination?

Sometime before this day, Pak Lah should be making his clear, definite statements with regards to his position to defend his Umno presidency that has implications to his PM position.  This is the hottest to watch as it will define how the so-called transition plan to Najib will pan out.  And will it still be Najib in that plan?  We shall find out at this time who are the key players in the running.  And do be not surprise if Pak Lah maintains his availability for election.

This date marks the start of the 191 Umno division meetings to nominate candidates for the leadership positions.  Hence, clarity from Pak Lah about his position on whether he will stand for election will affect how the divisions will nominate.  Or will the divisions have made up their minds as some have recently publicized?

Oct 11 – Gerakan NDC- In or Out of BN?

Gerakan is the first of the BN component parties to have their National Delegates Conference (NDC) and election of their leaders.  More importantly, will Koh Tsu Koon make the inevitable announcement that Gerakan will leave BN?  Of late, Gerakan leaders like Koh and Teng have made various public rhetorics about the options of their party’s future and have drawn the ire of Umno demanding Koh to make his stand.

Updated 3/10Chia Kwang Chye highlighted today (read MalaysianInsider here) that no resolutions have been proposed for consideration of Gerakan to leave the BN but does not mean the delegates will not bring it up during the conference.  Perhaps an EGM may be called where required to address the matter by the new Central Committee.

Oct 13 – Parliament Resumes – Anwar Calls for No-Confidence Vote?

Parliament resumes after 6 weeks break for the Ramadhan month.  After a failed attempt at calling for an emergency, the inevitable time will arrive.  Will that request be granted by the Speaker is another question but try he will.  In fact, there will be a lot of attention for this new Parliamentary session if Anwar will make good on his challenge on taking over the government.

Oct 18 – MCA AGM – Uninteresting Probably

There will probably be nothing earth shattering in this round of elections.  The leadership will more or less be known before this and the VP challengers will not quite pack a punch.  No suprises this time although the old stalwarts are making a comeback.  Maybe that’s the surprise in store.

Surprises to Watch!

Pak Lah is the key to the surprises.  What will he say when he makes his announcement before Oct 9.  That will show more clarity how the transition takes place and who will feature in the Umno election.  Is Najib going to be the next Umno President or will we see Pak Lah hanging on or will there be Razaleigh to spoil it all?  Mahathir is moving behind the scenes for sure.  How will his influence shape the month of October?

Will Gerakan add to Anwar’s firepower?  And Upko too?  That’s a definite to watch in October.

Not forgetting the build up to spur the abolishment of ISA and also the Free RPK movement.  And the US financial crisis spreading to Europe and Asia and obviously Malaysia.  Etc Etc!

Octoberfest!  Not about beer as the German festival.  But in Malaysia this year, October is all about politics.  And economics will take a back seat yet again.

Inflation remains all time high.  Food prices will not go down after they were given the green light by the government to rise by the raising of pump prices.  Not even with global oil prices down.  All we will get is a bigger bowl and maybe more condiments.  The price hikes of food will stay.  Our new Finance Minister, Najib, will be too busy plotting to secure his position after Pak Lah sends his “signal” soon.

This is our October!

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