Omnia Latest Prices – October 2008

Since the Omnia was launched, there has been much interest on this device.  Please don’t be alarmed that it heats up a bit during intense usage or even during the charging phase.  It’s normal for all PDA devices.

For the Omnia, it has given many new Phone-to-PDA converts a grand time.  Although there may be complaints that the screen color resolution could be better, that’s for us to wait for the next model.

For now, my take is that getting an Omnia 8GB is the best buy because it’s cheaper than the 16GB by at least RM200 and to get an external Micro SD 8GB is between RM120 to RM150.  In fact, it’s good to have a few external memory cards so that you can keep your content physically separated and properly organized.  Furthermore, Micro SD cards will continue to drop in price so that you will be able to afford more of such cards.  By year end, PC Fair will be here again and you can consider picking up a few more such cards.

Now, unless you play AVI video on the Omnia, 8GB is just too much storage to keep songs because you can actually store a lifetime of music and get lost in them.  Go find AVI video and enjoy the Omnia if you haven’t done so.

Before I forget, there are parallel imported Omnia’s floating around in the KL market.  They are typically called “AP” sets as opposed to “Ori” sets.  Difference is that Ori sets come through the principal’s distribution channel and the AP sets are imported not via the official Samsung channel into Malaysia.  Obviously, if you are very concerned about post sale support and service guarantee, you should be looking at an Ori set that is supplied by FMG.

I’ve heard that such AP sets for 8GB are going for as low as RM2,200 and the Ori sets for 8GB are going for around RM2,400.  Be a smart shopper.  Negotiate hard and buy from a dealer you can get support from.

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One Comment to “Omnia Latest Prices – October 2008”

  1. Personally RM2,200 for an AP set is still not worth the while.
    Why save RM400 and risk paying through your nose IF (you wouldn’t know) the AP set needs major replacement of parts?
    You would be cursing whoever sold you the unit and also cursing Samsung. Mind you which is through no fault of Samsung or the dealer if you choose to purchase an AP set.
    Standard price in the market now is at RM2,600(cash) for an 8gb. Standard pack comes with 4gb micro SD, screen protector and Samsung Omnia original pouch. So do not let anyone fool you into paying more unless you are opting for EPP.
    For now at RM2,600 the Samsung Omnia remains a hot topic for discussions.
    When it hits RM2,400, now we’re talking!!
    Probably by then, HTC will be introducing Viva or other devices that would cost less than Omnia.

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