Why is DPM Najib innocent if PM Badawi is faulted?

Mahathir along with a host of Umno Supreme Council members have continuously blamed Pak Lah for the historical loss in the General Election in March 2008 as well as the homecoming win of Anwar at Pematang Pauh in August 2008.  The general tenor of the fury points to Pak Lah’s inability to win votes and garner the support of the people anymore.

However, did we all forget that behind Pak Lah has always been Najib, the DPM, current Finance Minister and former Defense Minister.  In a team of PM and DPM, why is the finger only pointed at the PM and not the DPM?  In fact, the strangest thing is that the one who may have instigated the finger and pressure on Pak Lah is Najib himself.  The DPM is considered blameless in his supposedly unwavering support of the PM?  How can it all be the PM’s fault, if any, and none on the DPM?

Who led the Pematang Pauh challenge with the team?  Who swore in a mosque in Pematang Pauh denying all knowledge of Altantuya?  Who was associated with Saiful to so-called “advice” him?  Whose Ministry was involved in the evaluation of Eurocopter?

In all the years as DPM, he supported Pak Lah in all the initiatives and the lack of them.  As the DPM, he is equally responsible with the PM in everything that was done.  All the accusations of what Pak Lah did or didn’t do should fall equally on the shoulders of Najib because as DPM, he is part of the top tag team of Malaysia.

Only in Malaysia, country leadership is handed down to the deputy.  If Najib ever becomes the PM, he would have successfully disassociated himself from all that Pak Lah has done.  He would have convinced the 2,000 Umno division representatives that he has totally nothing to do with Pak Lah’s work as the PM.  He would have convinced them that he is totally innocent.

But the rest of Malaysia thinks otherwise.  Unfortunately, in Najib brushing away allegations on his SMS transcript regarding Razak Baginda’s case, he made the suspicion even worse.  Najib has never ever attempted to clear himself of all allegations and it is certainly a big worry for a leader poised to be the next PM of Malaysia.  Swearing in a mosque and brushing away suspicious allegations appears to put Najib in a worse light than he thought.

So, is Najib innocent of what they accused Pak Lah of?  The Umno divisions seem to think so and their votes matter at this time to nominate him as the Presidential candidate.  Najib has so far been successful to deflect all blame to his boss, Pak Lah.

In Malaysia where the PM can’t pick his Deputy, where the DPM is voted by Umno members, how can the tag team work?  We are also watching the US Presidential elections and there are a number of lessons that we can learn from them and compare to our own PM election.

Compare US and Malaysia

The US Presidential candidate picks his own running mate.  McCain picked a real beauty too.  The Malaysian PM has his deputy picked for him by others.  And he has to live with it.  Pak Lah had no choice and he had to live with Najib.

The US Presidential candidate knows his politics, economics, social and foreign policies very well and can debate off the cuff.  The Malaysian PM in waiting, Najib, has not said much about any of these things all through his tenure till today as the DPM.

The scrutiny of the US Presidential candidates and their running mates is so intense that even a pimple on the face must be explained in public.  The Malaysian PM candidate brushes off allegations as personal and swears in the mosque to clear his name.  If our Malaysian PM candidates, namely the Umno Presidential candidates, are scrutinized in even 20% the intensity of the US candidates, none of them will stand up in public and they will soon no longer become candidates.

The US Presidential candidates speak for all Americans, especially the under represented minority.  He is voted by all eligible voters in US.  The Malaysian PM candidate has said nothing for the minority and silently supported the suppression of Hindraf as an illegal entity.  In fact, the PM candidate represents not the majority of Malaysians but quite the opposite.  This is because his nomination and election only depends on Umno and those division representatives at the coming AGM.  So Najib must appeal to these people only.

The US Presidential candidates are able to debate each other on social issues, economic and foreign policies in public.  The Malaysian PM candidate dare not debate anyone, whether his opponent or the opposition leaders in such things.  It is totally unheard of in Malaysia to hear our PM debate his views on social, economic and foreign policies.  One wonders if he can do that or he depends totally on his economic advisors to think.


So, can Najib stand up to public scrutiny?  Is he blameless for Pak Lah’s deeds?  You decide!

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