Can Pak Lah Be PM and not Umno President?

Cheeky thought indeed.  A fellow blogger had posted a similar thought here.  After all, we had assumed that when Pak Lah announced he wasn’t defending his Umno Presidency.  We assumed the next Umno President will traditionally be the BN Chairman and then the PM of Malaysia.  And that person perhaps may be Najib himself.

What Pak Lah clearly said was that he wasn’t defending his post in Umno but he didn’t say he was stepping down as the PM.  Is what he didn’t say important?  We should not assume too much because the appointment of the PM is the Agong‘s prerogative.  The Agong, by Constitution, will appoint a Parliamentary representative who is deemed to have the majority of support of the House.  It doesn’t matter if that person is the BN Chairman or Umno President.  What matters is majority support of the Parliament.

So, if traditions can be set aside, it is not far fetched for Pak Lah to remain as the PM while he is no longer the President of Umno.  There is no rule that says the President of Umno is the BN Chairman either.  And Pak Lah also didn’t announce that he was stepping down as the BN Chairman nor as the PM.  Silence here may mean a lot more than what was said.

If such a thought is in Pak Lah’s mind, the old man may still have the guts and the audacity to have the last laugh.  He will still call the shots while compromising to step down as Umno President.  He will remain as the PM until he is challenged by the new Umno President.  But is this stranger than fiction?  This is a definite possibility but can it ever be a reality with Pak Lah?

We have not known Pak Lah to break with traditions.  We have not known Pak Lah to do anything beyond the norm.  We have not known Pak Lah to do anything out of the box.  But will Pak Lah surprise us all with this?

There are also speculation that Pak Lah and Khairy have been scheming to defend the turf by going on the offensive against Najib.  Recent revelations of private SMS and the Eurocopter issue can’t have been dug out unless there is a concerted effort to make public such information.  It has gotten Najib to scramble to defend himself.

If this is true, Pak Lah may yet have his last laugh and stay on a bit longer than expected.  Furthermore, there should be other “revelations” of Najib’s character with regards to other matters, who knows.  Someone is working overtime to throw Najib off track and the Rakyat is beginning to see more dirt and some may just stick.

Time will tell if Pak Lah has the audacity to remain as PM without being the Umno President.  What will Umno say?  What will BN say?  What will the rest of Parliament say?  What will YOU say?

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