HTC and Sony Ericsson Christmas Goodies

Updated: HTC had a launch on their new products on 6 November.  More to follow.

Oh it’s early November but Christmas decorations are already at Starbucks.  How fast did the year pass?  The HTC Viva was just released and we should be able to quickly see a few neat goodies from HTC.  These are the HTC Touch 3G, HTC Touch HD, Sony Ericsson X1 and a new extended battery for Diamond.

The Viva was HTC’s re-introduction of a larger screen Touch and positioned as the lowest cost Windows Mobile PDA Phone.  Moving onwards, we will soon find HTC Touch 3G.  It is the Viva with 3G.  In short, the Touch re-introduced with a larger 2.8-inch screen and with full 3G capability.

HTC Touch 3G

HTC Touch 3G

I had really wanted to take a look at the HTC’s first Android OS device but it is only for the US market for now.  For us in Malaysia, we will have to hold our breath and wait a bit longer into 2009.  By the way, it is called the HTC G1.

HTC Touch HD - an iPhone Killer

HTC Touch HD - an iPhone Killer

The other Christmas gift that we can look forward to is HTC’s iPhone Killer called the HTC Touch HD.  Anyone coming out with an iPhone Killer device must not only match the iPhone but to exceed expectations of the iPhone.  Apple has certainly set the benchmark for consumer demands of a PDA phone with the introduction of the iPhone and then the iPhone 3G.  HTC Touch HD is expected to be bigger and better in many ways over the iPhone.  So this is definitely something to wait for.

The screen is 3.8-inch, 480×800 and Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate.  Can’t really comment how great it is right now but rest assured HTC is not going to rest until they are well positioned to fight iPhone.  After all, it was HTC who started the PDA Phone manufacturing with O2 in the early days of 2001.  They will not be defeated by Apple who is a late comer in this game for sure.  Not without a fight!

Another baby that is coming out later this month is Sony Ericsson’s X1.  Word has it that it is on schedule to be launched towards the middle of the month and shipment will arrive shortly thereafter.  It is SE’s first entry into the Windows Mobile foray of devices and is manufactured for SE by HTC.  It’s coming with a QWERTY keyboard with a stainless steel finish.

What I had secretly hoped for Christmas will not be available, not now but perhaps sometime in the near future.  It’s the re-introduction of HTC Touch Dual with a larger screen and WIFI.  I personally like the keyboard associated to the Touch family and is one of the best keyboards around.

Oh, before I forget.  The biggest bane for the HTC Diamond was the battery life.  The Diamond is perhaps one of the most popular PDA phone in Malaysia.  Diamond users will be glad to know that there is an EXTENDED BATTERY rated at 1350 mAh soon to be available in Malaysia.  This battery packs more juice and is thicker.  As such, there is a new back panel that is shipped with the battery that will make the protrusion flush with the rest of the device.  This is similar to Samsung‘s i320 extended battery with a new back.

So these are some babies that you can expect.  More detailed reviews coming soon.  Also not forgetting that at the present time, the options of the Samsung Omnia and HTC Touch Pro are both around for this Christmas season.

One Comment to “HTC and Sony Ericsson Christmas Goodies”

  1. hey , i am the one who commented the previous post bout xperia, and am a big fan of gadget 🙂
    just attended the media launch of Xperia last week , and the phone also been announced to be official launch in 22 Nov (12pm)
    got the confirmation from S.E that xperia is gonna above 3 k . i would expect the price will be roughly the same with HTCHD which retailed at RM3,300

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