Najib’s Rise Amidst Allegations Uncleared

Najib is now the only nomination for the Umno President post and come next March at the Umno AGM, Najib will be officially named the next Umno President to succeed Pak Lah.  It appears that the passage for Najib is safe, for now.

Can there be anything that can throw off his equilibrium, detract him from his path to glory, obstruct his ambition to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia?  With the historical “wasted” Altantuya case being the longest in Malaysian history, Razak Baginda was aquitted and nobody was found guilty.  150 days of trial down the drain and paid for by tax payers money.  Will the allegations return to haunt Najib?

Now that RPK is also released, the biggest personality behind the Altantuya allegations linking Najib and Rosmah is back in business.  Najib had sworn in front of Umno members and even in a mosque in Pematang Pauh denying his knowledge of this lady, Altantuya, much less related to her in any way.  These days, a religious swearing will get you off the hook.  Proof is not required, it seems.

Now, hypothetically speaking, what will happen if one of these days real proof surfaces?  What if at the right time, real pictures of Najib with Altantuya floats into the open?  Fake pictures have made their rounds on MMS around the country.  It’s despicable to create fake pictures accusing Najib.  But if such a picture as claimed by Altantuya’s cousin ever surface anytime in the near future or if RPK gets the right platform to show his “proof”, what will happen to Najib?  What will happen to Umno?  What will happen to the President’s post?

One thing for sure.  The saying that paper cannot wrap a fire is very true.  There’s no smoke if there’s no fire.  That doesn’t mean that Najib is guilty of anything.  It’s just that such allegations going undealt with does not augur well for a future Umno President and Prime Minister.  What can Najib do to nip this irritating pain in the rearend and get rid of it once for all?  Swearing in public or a mosque just won’t do.

If Najib really knows Altantuya and has been vehemently denying it to the point that Pak Lah believes him, can we imagine what Pak Lah will do to Najib when he finds out otherwise?

If Najib is really wrongly accused, then those who are trying to accuse him are all nothing more than big, fat liars.  Who would you rather believe at this time – Najib or RPK?  Najib or Altantuya’s cousin?  Perhaps Razak Baginda can shed some light or even Bala the PI if he can be found.

What if, hypothetically speaking, Najib is eventually derailed by an Altantuya picture that his opponents will flash right before Najib is announced as the new Umno President, it will certainly cause an uproar in Umno and across the country.  His character will be totally in shambles especially after his public swearings denying his ever knowing Altantuya.  He won’t be the next Umno President.  But there is no other candidates qualified through the nomination process.  Ku Li has only 1 nomination and that disqualifies him under the present ruling.  So what can happen?  Pak Lah remains as the Umno President by default.

If Pak Lah realizes that he’s be duped by all the forces that pressured him out of office prematurely, what will Pak Lah do?  If that picture be real, Pak Lah has been lied to by Najib, what will Pak Lah do?

Umno will be up in arms and a laughing stock in BN and this gives the Opposition enough bullets to ridicule Umno to its death.  Can you imagine the damage that can be done to Umno, to the Government, to BN?  Najib is the present Finance Minister, one of the most powerful position with a portfolio.

And all this rousing can be caused by the picture, if it exists, when it shows up.

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One Comment to “Najib’s Rise Amidst Allegations Uncleared”

  1. Law of Karma prevails in all situation;it transcends colour;ethnicity or religion;when you commit a crime,you just have to pay for it eithernow or later;simple as that!

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