Double Standard Condemnation – Israel vs Hamas

Today, we read in The Malaysian Insider that the Pakatan Rakyat has called on Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to convene an emergency sitting of the Dewan Rakyat to discuss Israel’s unlawful invasion of Palestine (read here).

By looking at the very potent attacks of Israel, Palestinian officials have put casualty rates at 500+, so reports CNN tonight.  Possibly inflated to obtain world sympathy, this is a very serious loss of life still.

An excellent article by Michael Lerner (read here) gives an insightful and balanced understanding and the rabbi expresses his sadness to the loss of life both sides of the divide.

Although we only see widespread rallies in condemnation against Israel’s bombing and now ground attack of the Gaza strip against Hamas, we have never seen any whimper of opposition when Hamas broke the ceasefire and launched rocket attacks at Israel’s populated areas in early December.  Perhaps the world never knew that Hamas has been attacking Israel for many weeks prior to this.

Such double standard reporting continues to exist even in international news.  Israel has every right to defend herself and the military might recently launched is bent on wiping out Hamas.  Fatah, on the other hand, has mysteriously disappeared for the time being far away from Gaza.  The only likelihood is that Fatah may be secretly hoping that Hamas will be totally removed from the Palestinian equation very quickly thereby leaving Fatah as the only viable political representation of Palestinian people.  After all, this is politics and it is a war.

The UN and US and other world powers including the Middle East leading nations must insist on a total ceasefire by both Israel and Hamas.  At the same time, Hamas cannot be re-equipped secretly during the ceasefire only to begin the rocket attacks later.  This will make the ceasefire a mockery and the nations that supported it all fools.

It is always true to say that if it’s not your skin pinched that you will never feel the real pain. We will never ever feel what the Palestinian and the Israelis feel in their fighting and peudo peace over the years.

We can condemn Israel but we never condemn Hamas.  By condemning  Israel only, it makes us condone Hamas.  Does it make Hamas directly killing civilians in Israel right and Israel collateral killing of civilians in Gaza wrong?

If the Malaysian Parliament can together unite and take a stand to condemn Israel’s attack on Gaza, will they also with the same breath condemn Hamas attack on Israel?  We hope the wisdom of our leaders may be clearly shown in this case.  Otherwise, we hurry to condemn Israel may in turn become a slap to our face implying our support to Hamas killing Israelis.

Palestinan or Israelis, they are still people like us trying to make a living in this world although from opposing idealogy, approach and beliefs. We can’t weigh up the value of lives from one community over another.

Similarly here in Malaysia when we are strongly promoting a united Malaysia regardless of religion, creed or race, we should not allow ourselves to become blind in a double standard condemnation of the Gaza situation.

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2 Comments to “Double Standard Condemnation – Israel vs Hamas”

  1. Made my first trip to Israel, West Bank, and Jordan in November. Lot of news then about Israel shutting off electricity going into Gaza, but nothing ever said about any Hamas fired rockets, at that time. Some of my big, first-time, impressions was the friendly nature of the Palestinan people ‘living’ in the West Bank, and the restrictions, and conditions forced on them by the Israeli government. Lot of walls, razor wire, check-points, preventing Palestinan’s from having a normal life. Many forced off their home-land, and homes bulldozed by Israeli military. Israel seems to have no respect for the Palestinan, and seem to stop at nothing to prevent them from having freedom in their own homeland. I’m a proud American citizen, but ashamed that US would support Israeli transgression. I admit to not knowing middle-east history, and which of the many sides bear the most fault. But, I have seen enough to hope, and pray that Palestinan’s can regain their home-land, and live in peace with the Israeli. Tear the walls down, move the Israeli settlements out of the West Bank, and offer unrestricted travel for the Palestinan. Learn to love the richness of each culture, and offer an example to the rest of the middle east.

  2. Please go to this site if you still want to know what happen in the Middle East (you could try other sites too if you will for more info)

    Whose land is it really? Even the Muslim knows that, during Moses’ time, God gave that land to the Jews, and now the fanatical Muslims are justifying their murderous intention against Israel, by playing god (their famous saying, “we will wipe them of the map” or “we’ll drive them to the sea”). The old name of Palestine was Judah or Judea, it was changed by the Romans during the Roman occupation of Israel and Judah. Many times the Jews was forced out their land by their conquering enemies, but they always came back to it, this land was their inheritance, they have long ties to this land.

    I think this is a better page to go for more info, its from the beginning to near to this present time.

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