Fresh Thoughts on KT By-Election

To many people, the KT by-election may have little impact on the overall political scenario of Malaysia.  After all, 1 more seat to Pakatan Rakyat will not topple the BN Government.  And if BN wins this seat, it may not do much to prove that the so-called “Change” trend is stopping.

There are those that say that this is a proxy war between Najib and Anwar.  As for Pak Lah, he’s supposedly leaving anyway and whatever he leaves behind will become Najib’s baby, for better or worse.  This is at best the most impactful opinion.

But when you see the 8,000 strong police force in KT and first time in the history of any by-election and first time ever in KT, there must be something else brewing.  It is very expensive to post such a large contingent of personnel to this quiet city and to monitor an event which the Election Commission proclaimed as the least problem too.

Why are there so many police personnel in KT to begin with?

Is there an expectation that a possible riotous scenario may occur in the near future?  Could there be a fear of revolt in the event BN loses?  But if BN is confident of winning, who will be revolting anyway?  No untoward incidents occurred March 12, 2008.  Peaceful ending in Pematang Pauh last August.  Why should KT not be the same regardless who wins?

Are there more crimes in KT now than anywhere else in Malaysia?  We don’t read of incident of crimes on the rise in KT.

What is the role of the police in relations to a by-election?  Maintaining peace where KT is already peaceful sounds preposterous.  Is there something else they are doing that we don’t know?

Are the 8,000 police personnel having other secret duties?  Some speculate that they may become “voters” to ensure a BN win.  We’re not quite sure how many copies of ICs were obtained from the “angpows” given to the voters but can this even be remotely true?  How will they vote?

In Pematang Pauh, EC declared voting on a Tuesday yet the opposition support remained strong.  Now, back on a Saturday voting day, is the police attempting to deter voters from coming out to vote? (read here for a view of police activities in KT).

If KT is not that important, then why all these implicit activities pointing to a bigger picture with the mobilization of an unheard of number of police personnel to a peaceful city?

Something is fishy and it’s not from the KT fishermen’s catch either.  Perhaps time will tell.

Umno is pushing really hard these last few days to ensure victory.  This is also a good time for budding Umno leaders to show their leadership as the Umno election is in March.  We see Khairy actively campaigning but strangely Khir Toyo is inconspicuously missing.  Mukhriz is also low keyed.  The Deputy Umno President candidates are also missing in action from the news during this time.

PAS along with their political and non-political supports are also doing their utmost to ensure a victory.  The blogger group have again shown their support to PAS along with Zaid.

A lot of analysis has been done about the Chinese voters being possible king makers if the Malay votes are split.  A lot of focus on garnering the votes of the Chinese community.  One thing for sure.  Every analysis is still along racial lines, campaigning is also along racial lines.  Every local in KT ought to be treated equally.  Those in need, regardless of race and religion, should be helped.  They all will vote come Saturday.  We only have two classes of people – those wh0 can help and those who need help and they come in all forms of shapes, sizes, color and creed.

So far, we only read of Class F contractors being taken care of and about Ahmad Said threatening the Chinese communities to withdraw support to them with his latest speech (read here).  We read little about how the State and KT will be helped.

“If the BN loses the polling stations of Pulau Kambing, Bandaran, Kampung Cina … I will know that you have rejected us,” says Ahmad Said. “So I think it is natural if the state government diverts funds to Kemaman [for example].”

Isn’t BN supposed to be the government of all people?  It’s not only BN voters who pay taxes, everybody does.  Our leaders seem to forget that it is Malaysians who support the country and they in turn are CIVIL SERVANTS for the people.  It is no surprise then that many Malaysians are deperately seeking an alternative representation and the Pakatan Rakyat presents itself as such a front.

Now, we see the voters maturing but our leadership in many cases have demonstrated a retardation of thinking by saying such ridiculous things.

January 17 is just 2 days away.  We may just see history in the making no matter how the votes go!

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