KT Day of Reckoning – Verdict is Out!

Today is KT voting day and many have come out to vote since 8:00 am.   By mid-day today, it was reported that 42% has already voted and the EC expects a very high turnout for this affair.  After 12 days of campaigning, the voters decide at the ballot boxes.  Let’s see what happens through this day with regular updates.

1:19 pm – Report that 42% already casted their votes (read here)

5:46 pm – Seems total voter turnout may not exceed 80% and less than last March

9:30 pm – Results announced – PAS wins!

Najib is probably looking at a definite win here to demonstrate the acceptance of his abilities to be the next Umno President and eventually the PM.  The Umno and BN machinery worked overtime and pulling out all stops to ensure a clear win.  Pak Lah pushed the campaign for what may possibly be his last as PM.

The opposition has put up a tremendous campaign which pales against the might of Umno and BN but the effectiveness and acceptance by the various communities along the way have been very positive.  PAS, PKR and DAP moved all their might here as in Pematang Pauh with the online bloggers support and a surprising supporter in Zaid.  They are pushing for a definite win to show that the people’s desire for a change is continuing even in KT.

Now, the day of reckoning arrives and the effects of KT will soon be known and felt across the country.

Now the results…

More on how it turned out.

PAS was returned the victor in the KT by-election this evening with a definitive majority of 2,631 votes, highest in recent election history for this place.

Graphic by MalaysiaKini

Graphic by MalaysiaKini

This must have presented Najib a major disappointment where he lost both the by-elections he led.  Despite the hardwork he put in with all the promises for KT, the historical loss to BN was just too surprising indeed.

Losing in a BN controlled area gives Najib no excuses at all.  Certainly, as the dust settles over the next few days, all kinds of arm-chair analysis will be presented as to why BN lost to PAS in this place.

Two things are for sure.

One, Pakatan Rakyat will claim moral victory that the majority of Malaysians want the change and this is clearly and continually voiced at the ballot boxes like tonight.  PAS will be encouraged to stay away from Umno.

Two, BN has not responded to the GE12 signals that it has to reform, reinvent and revive a new front to truly serve the people.  The threats from various Umno leaders in their campaign speeches continued to rub this generation on the wrong side.

Malaysians everywhere, regardless in the city or outskirts, have matured in their political thinking.  The Internet, SMS, younger generation of voters, broader appreciation of the breadth of issues, more input to various opinions beyond the Government propaganda, all play a role to shape the new generation of Malaysians in their voting pattern.

One final word.  We did see democracy in the form of voting allowed in Malaysia.  This part of democracy is alive although there is much to do for electoral changes into the future to seriously improve true democracy of one person one vote for the nation’s future which isn’t true today.

Now, back to work!  Let’s all remember after the voting, it’s the building of the nation and the protection of all Malaysians from an economic downturn.  Let our leaders no longer pretend all is well when it is not.  Let this result remind our leaders that Malaysian doesn’t want to be taken for granted.

Make this country great again and the leaders who can shape and reform the economy will be voted for sure in the next General Election.


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One Comment to “KT Day of Reckoning – Verdict is Out!”

  1. We WIN…..UMNO loses !!!!!!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!!!

    What a way to usher into the Year of the OX.

    Next Sarawak ……… and Putrajaya for Pakatan

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