The Day After

As the dust settles, there’s a lot of soul searching and possibly blaming that is going on amongst the BN and Umno leadership.  At the same time, PAS and other Pakatan Rakyat parties are on a celebratory mood going into a summit.  Not forgetting the bloggers and other non-political personalities.

We shall be reading a lot of commentaries from various political analysts both at home and abroad and we can be sure they are all in general consensus of why this has happened.

It doesn’t take an expert to tell what really happened.  The signal was clear from last year’s General Election as well as the Pematang Pauh by-election.  But what did the ruling front do about this?  Blame Pak Lah and force him out of office.  Now with this loss, who else is to be blamed.  Tun M still insists the blame to be on Pak Lah.

Umno leaders are still in the state of denial.  Inimidating the electorate will never get them the votes.  It’s in the serving of the people that they will be voted.  It’s in being fair to every party, in repudiating corruption, in sincerely building the country and not dividing the communities.  BN and Umno did all that is opposite.  The culture of cronyism, corruption, unfairness and racial divide remains deeply ingrained.  It requires a major shakeup and deep soul searching as well as the political will to transform, yes, transform and not a mere window dressing.

There is no need to blame Pak Lah anymore.  It is beyond him.  Najib must be seriously dampened from losing both the by-elections he led and shoulder the blame.  The weakness of the party and BN is beyond a single individual although Pak Lah ended up as the scape goat.  The fabric of Umno and BN is seriously needing transformation.  How this can be done is left to the new leadership of Umno and the BN component parties.

As for Pakatan Rakyat, they are in jubilant mood.  One more parliamentary seat, one more victory and this one especially sweet in a BN controlled territory, winning by a historical margin.  Let’s hope this win does not blind them from the bigger picture and become a needed boost to push forward for reforms.

There is no denial that a significant portion of Malaysians are supportive of Pakatan Rakyat.  The mood is bouyant and the trend of change seems to prevail still.  The 12th General Election last March is not a flash in the pan, it is real and sure and it’s marching on!

Najib is about to be made the President of Umno in March and eventually become the Prime Minister as well.  This loss is significant although Najib has denied its importance.  BN has seldom, if ever, lost a by-election because it possesses such a vast machinery that no party can match.  Although with all the financial promises to KT and the leverage of federal machinery, the voters of KT spurned the BN.  The same story line just can’t be used any longer.  BN must have a fresh angle that is genuine to the voters or face more humiliation in future elections.

So if Pak Lah is no longer the blame, is Najib to be blamed?  Or Ahmad Said to be blamed for his arrogant statements?  Old tactics are stale, the voters are bored of hearing  and is accepting the line of Pakatan Rakyat.  Can Najib turn his ship around or is it continuing on a sinking line?  Time will tell.

There is so much Najib must do.  The matter is complex involving personalities, processes, culture, behavior, perceptions, morality and political will.  It covers the Peninsular States as well as Sabah and Sarawak.  Can Najib unravel this and make the transformation leap?

If Umno and BN continues the blaming game and wallow in self denial, their relevance will meet its demise sooner than later.  Let this KT by-election result wake them or their slumber will destroy them.


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