A KTK Ad Lib

Gerakan’s Koh Tsu Koon (KTK) finally broke his silence in the media when he commented this:

“We must focus on re-building unity among the races, reducing the people’s economic burden and re-assuring them of our deep commitment to ensuring fairness and justice for all.” (read here).

Is there disunity among the races?  Who has been sowing discord amongst the races?  Why even distinguish by races?Malaysians have been living with each other with little care about the differences between the communities and cultures.  We have long embraced the fact that we are a muhibbah country.  But despite the friendliness with each other, every now and then, racism rears its ugly head with name calling, keris waving, and arrogant display of rhetorics only to find our leaders back peddling to explain away and splitting hairs in the definition of the choice of words used.  And the marvelous thing is that this is condoned and allowed by the Government especially if it is done by its component parties.

Unity will be naturally there when all peoples set aside their differences in culture and religion and work together in harmony for the betterment and pride of Malaysia, our beloved country under God and King.  When we continue to grow to embrace each other and work side by side like we have done so for so many years without sowing seeds of doubt and discord about loyalty of ourselves towards the country we are citizens of.  We must be outward looking to position Malaysia as a great nation amongst the many out there and not be a frog under the coconut shell (katak di bawah tempurung).

Reducing the economic burden of the people.  Who was KTK referring to?  In the recent KT by-election, financial promises were poured into the works, complete with the icing, for the Chinese Schools, the Class F contractors, etc.  Is the Government only working overtime for by-elections and not in-between them?  Where is the aid for the needy regardless of race and creed?  Yes, KTK, it should be for ALL the people of Malaysia especially for those who need it.  Not only the business people but the workers who will find themselve out of a job already or soon either in Malaysia or coming back from abroad.

Reassure us all of the deep commitment to ensure fairness and justice for all please.  We have yet to see any DEEP commitment.  Only the two Acts have been passed to fight corruption and the appointment of senior judges.  We can’t be applauding this as a deep commitment yet since it’s just the start albeit not well cooked one but good start.  So it is not about reassuring us of the deep commitment but to reassure us that such commitment is real and permeated throughout the entire Government.

The people work very hard to pay taxes for the Government to work.  The expectation of the people of the Government and the Government’s commitment to the people to care for their economic lives are perceived to be at a tangent.  Show us that there is a deep commitment to be open, fair and just in the governance of the wealth of the country.  Show us the seriousness of being fair to all Malaysians regardless of race and creed all the time.  Take away the RACE information in our identity and call us all Malaysians as long as we are truly and constitutionally one (not the fake MyKad holders – get rid of those please).

The people of Malaysia will vote for those leaders and parties that truly serve them, not in rhetorics but in truth, honor, sincerity, fairness and justice in delivering all commitments to uphold the country’s dignity and display an excellent stewardship of the country’s wealth.

Taking a cue from Abraham Lincoln, let Malaysia be governed by an honest and just Government who is that government of the people, by the people, for the people.


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